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Everest-Conquering Performance Nutrition - Designed to Empower You to Conquer your next challenge.

Evolutionary & Stomach-friendly Energy Bars, Gels, Electrolytes & Protein Recovery; Trusted by thousands of athletes, backed by science, that win on Taste, Performance, and Sustainability. Proudly made in Great Britain.

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  • Unwrap the Adventure

    KMC's exclusive gift collection curated to delight the thrill-seeker in your life.

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  • Essential Picks for Runners

    Christmas gifts that promise to boost their running experience.

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  • Gear up for the gift-giving season with 'Pedal-Power Perfection,' a premium collection of cyclist-centric Christmas presents.

    Gear Up for Joy

    Gifts carefully crafted for those who find their joy on two wheels.

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  • Brave the Elements: Ultimate Gifts for the Great Outdoors

    Ultimate Gifts for the Great Outdoors

    Equip your loved ones with the essentials that celebrate the spirit of the great outdoors this festive season.

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Kendal Mint Christmas Gifts 🎁

Whether it's the call of the wild, the thrill of the run, the joy of the ride, or the challenge of the triathlon, these gifts are curated to delight the outdoor enthusiast in your life.

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