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Kendal Mint Cake Sports Supplements
  • KMC MIX Hydration Electrolyte Bulk Pouch Protein Recovery chocolate Mint 100% recyclable
  • KMC PRO MIX Bulk Protein Recovery Powder Drink Mix Chocolate Mint Whey Protein Recylcable
  • KMC ISO MIX hydration electrolytes energy drink powder mix citrus & mint flavour vegan gluten free recyclable
Natural Sport Energy Drinks
Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks

About Kendal Mint Co

Kendal Mint Cake was the original ‘energy bar’, it has climbed Mount Everest, crossed the Antarctic and even helped keep the army on the move.

Together with Quiggins, an original manufacturer and also an informed sport BRC AA grade production facility we have created a great range of outstanding evolutionary products for today’s sport nutrition, supplements and vitamins sectors, that are not only packed with additional benefits but taste fantastic too.

Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks

Our Products

Be prepared, be your best. It is so important to fuel your body in the correct way. Like a car without fuel, you’re not going to get very far! The right levels of fuel will get you where you want to be.

The human body is exactly the same, it needs fuel to perform. This is equally important when we consider the quality of physical activity, ensuring that you are at your best maximizing the associated benefits!

You’ll find our range has every eventuality covered. Fueling before, during and even after exercise.  Our range is designed to complement different sports and activities, with the various methods of deliverability catered for.

Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Supplements