Informed Sport Certified

Informed Sport provides risk minimization and assurance to athletes and drug tested personnel through its globally recognised testing and certification program for sports and nutritional supplement products.

The 4 Pillars of Informed Sport


Every Batch Pre-Release Tested

The unique cornerstone of the Informed Sport program is that every single batch of a certified product is tested by our laboratory prior to it being available for sale to consumers. Tested batch or lot numbers for a product can be searched on or the Informed Sport mobile app for confirmation.


Manufacturing Assessment

Each certified product’s manufacturer must undergo an extensive Manufacturing Assessment Questionnaire which examines the risks of banned substances entering the facility. The detailed audit reviews a facility’s cleaning procedures, raw material handling, and storage among other areas for potential risk.


Individual Lot Testing

Informed Sport individually tests each lot produced of a product and does not perform composite or bulk testing. Composite testing is a practice where multiple batches can be combined into one sample and contamination may not be detected due to dilution from other samples from clean production batches. Bulk testing is where a large batch is produced and then packaged later. Informed Sport only tests products in their final packaging and retains a sample in secure storage should it be needed in the future.


ISO 17025 Accredited Testing Methods

All supplements certified by Informed Sport are analyzed using ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing methods at our world-class laboratories in the USA and UK. Informed Sport requires that products must be tested and reported below established thresholds based on decades of expertise and intelligence sharing with the anti-doping community. If testing identifies the presence of a prohibited substance, the product will fail the screen and the product can not be sold.

What is Informed Sport?

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