Kendal Mint Cake

Kendal Mint Cake

You're About To Eat Some Serious History.

Handmade in the Lake District. Vegan & Gluten Free options available. KMC NRG BAR Kendal Mint Cake Recharged 85g. The Original Energy Bar

Kendal Mint Cake Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's:

What is Kendal Mint cake?

A Glucose based bar infused with Peppermint oil, used for centuries as a source of energy on pioneering adventures such as Chris Bonnington most notably on the ascent of Everest. It’s not just a treat, it's an experience we've crafted over the years.

Is Kendal Mint Cake Good for Running?

Yes! Kendal Mint Cake is great for runners as it contains glucose which is the preferred source of instant energy by the body.Read more here.

Can you use Kendal Mint Cake for Cycling?

Yes! Kendal Mint Cake is used by many cyclists.Read more here.

Is Kendal Mint Cake Vegan & Gluten Free?

All of our bars (apart from White Chocolate Coated) are Vegan and Gluten Free. The Chocolate used in the plain chocolate coated is Soya based rather than Milk. You can find more details on the product pages.

How much Energy/ Carbohydrate in a Kendal Mint Cake?

The Original Flavour KMC NRG BAR is made up of 6 blocks, each block contains 14g of Carbohydrate/ 57 kcal. That's a whopping 83g of Carbohydrate and 342 kcal per bar! The Chocolate Coated KMC NRG BAR 50g contains slightly less at 49g Carbohydrate/ 220 kcal per bar. What it lacks in Carbohydrate it makes up for in Chocolatey deliciousness!

What makes KMC NRG BAR's different?

We have worked hard to create a product that does not compromise the Original Taste & texture people already know and love by partnering with the oldest manufacturers. The biggest different is the upgraded "recharged" ingredients. Our specifically formulated B Vitamin blend creates a more effecient energy delivery system and helps with red blood cell functionality, reducing the typical "bonk" or "crash" when consuming sugary foods. The electrolyte formula is designed to improve physical performance and helping with the firing between synapses and also aiding hydration.

How is Kendal Mint Cake made?

Kendal Mint Cake is made by hand using traditional techniques which are often top-secret! Find out how the worlds oldest energy bar is made here.

What makes Mint so special?

Mint, specifically Peppermint - one of the oldest natural remedies for all sorts of things. A Natural calming and soothing herb which acts as an Anti-inflammatory and encourages bile flow.

Peppermint contains high concentrations of Menthol - a natural aromatic decongestant that helps break up phlegm and mucus, making it easier to expel.

Menthol has also been proven to help improve performance in hot climates.

Peppermint Extract has even been found to increase the pain threshold. Often used for colonoscopy to stop painful cramping in patients. Closely related to the anti-inflammatory properties.

Not bad when you need that edge on your competitors! Read more here.

Is Kendal Mint Cake Fragile?

Yes, it's widely accepted that Kendal Mint Cake is an inherrently fragile product so breakages do sometimes happen. A little extra care when packing Kendal Mint Cake into bags and pockets can easily avoid this.

What is Kendal Mint Cake made of? Kendal Mint Cake Ingredients

Our Kendal Mint Cake NRG BARs are still made by hand the traditional way using: Sugar, Glucose Syrup and a top-secret blend of natural Peppermint Oil. KMC NRG BAR also includes our Electrolyte & B-Vitamin blend carefully designed to help with physical performance and the breakdown of carbohydrate into energy.

What is the original Kendal Mint Cake?

The great debate! Our Kendal Mint Cake Recipe is over 130 years old and made by hand at the oldest manufactures. However, Folklore suggests in 1918 Joseph wiper accidentally created Kendal Mint Cake when he over-boiled his glacier mints... Either way it makes for a delicious and energy-rich sweet treat during hard efforts!

How many calories & carbohydrates in Kendal Mint Cake?

One 85g bar contains 342kcal and 83.52g of Carbohydrate - That's a serious amount of energy for when you need it most!

Can you use Kendal Mint Cake for Cycling?

Yes! Kendal Mint Cake is used by many cyclists.Read more here.

Is Kendal Mint Cake Good for Running?

Yes! Kendal Mint Cake can be Great for Runners Kendal Mint Cake can provide a very welcome boost of energy in the form of Glucose. That's why thousands of runners choose Kendal Mint Co® as their fuel. 

Can Kendal Mint Cake be used during endurance events like marathons or bike rides?

Yes, Kendal Mint Cake is suitable for athletes in endurance events like marathons or bike rides, offering sustained energy to maintain performance.

Is Kendal Mint Cake suitable as a pre-workout snack?

Yes, Kendal Mint Cake can be consumed before a workout for an energy boost.

Can you use Kendal Mint Cake for Cycling?

Yes! Kendal Mint Cake is used by many cyclists.

Read more on our blog here.

Where to Buy: Kendal Mint Cake

Kendal Mint Co offers you a variety of ways to purchase our treasured Kendal Mint Cakes and other sports nutrition products.

Shop Online here or find a shop near you using our Store Locator here.

Can I use your Kendal Mint Cake in dessert recipes?

Definitely! Our Mint Cake can be a refreshing addition to various desserts, providing a minty twist to your favourite recipes.

Where can I purchase Kendal Mint Co.’s Mint Cake?

You can always find our range of Mint Cakes on our website, as well as selected stockists throughout the United Kingdom.

Is Kendal Mint Cake a sought-after gift or souvenir?

Absolutely! It's a unique and delicious memento from the Cumbrian region, making it a favourite choice for both locals and tourists.

Are there health benefits to Kendal Mint Cake?