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Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks WHO ARE WE?

We’re a team of experts with one clear goal – To Empower You to achieve your goals with Everest conquering Sports Nutrition, backed by science, that delivers on Taste, Texture, Performance AND Sustainability.

We fuse heritage with cutting-edge sports science. An amalgamation of the oldest manufacturers of Kendal Mint Cake (The Original Energy Bar) with state-of-the-art Informed Sport and BRC AA grade manufacturing.

We are the Original Energy Source… Recharged


Natural Mint Energy Supplements

Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks  CONQUERING THE WORLD

Made with sugar, glucose, water and peppermint oil, as well as a tasty treat, when consumed, also provides a very welcome boost of energy.’

In fact, it proved so effective as an energy source that it has been included in the rations of expeditions the world over. Most notably, the imperial trans-Antarctic expedition led by Ernest Shackleton in 1914.

Mint Cake has also conquered Mount Everest! Kendal Mint Cake was taken on a successful ascent of the world’s tallest mountain by Sir Chris Bonington in 1975. In the same year, Kendal Mint Cake was taken down the world’s deepest pothole, called Everest in Reverse’, in Papua New Guinnea!

More latterly Actor Ewan McGregor and Charlie Bowman included Kendal Mint Cake in their supplies for their 2004 round the world motorcycle trip ‘The Long Way round.’ Wind the clock forward to 2019, and we could see clearly where the future for Kendal Mint Cake lay.


Kendal Mint Cake Energy Drinks and Gels for Runners

Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks  FOR TODAY'S ACTIVE LIVES

At KMC, we believe that when it comes to sport and exercise, fuelling your body is the key to success. Whether you’re taking a long walk in the Lake District, completing a marathon or pedaling your way across the country, your body can only give you as much as it gets.

Our diverse range of update, rejuvenated, “recharged” products will bring out the best in your body every step of the way. Whether you need a caffeine kick-start before activity, an energy boost along the way or targeted recovery when you’re done, we’ve got you covered. 

Choose from Energy Gels, Hydration & Energy Drink Mixes, Protein Recovery,  or Energy Bars to get the delivery that suits you.



The Founders...

Jack Barker
// Co-founder

A passion for food with great taste & texture that also delivers on performance. His hunger & enthusiasm to build a successful British brand likely stems through his experience working within the family business for many years. Digital marketing, Events, New product development, Operations, Sustainability and even found in Production or the Warehouse getting his hands dirty to deliver you the best from KMC.

Paul Barker
// Co-founder

The man with the 100 year old brand, New idea - KMC. Paul has a passion for everything Cumbrian and British. With over 30 years experience running a successful business in the food-to-go industry, Paul brings extensive knowledge and experience from food standards & quality, manufacturing and a "no-nonsense" business development strategy for Kendal Mint Co.



Embodied by our cherished Kendal Green Archer logo. This emblem stands for precision, strength, and the adventurous spirit encapsulated in every Kendal Mint Co. product.

It's not just a logo, but a hallmark of quality that sets us apart.


Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks  THE STORY OF THE KENDAL MINT CO LOGO

At Kendal Mint Co. we want to shout loud and proud about our Cumbrian, Kendal roots.
Kendal was built on the textile trade. Sheep for wool, lots of water and bracken for making potash used in the cleaning of wool, made the manufacture of woolen cloth easy and profitable.

The town’s coat of arms feature ‘wool hooks and teasels’ alongside the Latin: ‘Panus Mihi Panus’, ‘Cloth is my Bread.’ A major trade in the town was the: ’Shearman Dyer’.

From as early as the 1500’s Kendal was involved in the nationwide trade of cloth.
In 1575 Elizabeth 1st granted Kendal a ‘Market Charter’ which was a little like a licence to print money. Kendal thrived and Kendal cloth sold far and wide.

Kendal Mint Cake Energy Drinks and Gels for Runners

Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks  KENDAL GREEN AND PROUD

Because of the botanically diverse nature of the Lake District, plant-based dyes were easily sourced from the fells and valleys. Kendal cloth was first submerged in ‘wode’ which was blue. It was then bathed in a yellow dye made from a small Leguminous shrub called ‘Genista Tinctoria’.

This then infused with the blue Wode to produce a subtle shade of green.

This colour became famous as ‘Kendal Green’. You will still find it today on Dulux colour charts!

Kendal Green

Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks  WHAT ABOUT THE ARCHER

William Shakespeare, the Bard, wrote of Kendal’s famous cloth in ‘Henry IV’ part 1.
Falstaff boasts to Prince Hal of his defeat of ‘three misbegotten knaves in Kendal Green’. It is even thought that Robin Hood and his merry men would have worn the Kendal green cloth, not Lincoln green.

So with this, our brand colour became ‘Kendal Green.’

25th October 1415, St. Crispens Day was a pivotal day in England’s history.

Henry V led his troops into Battle at Agincourt in Northern France. Heavily outnumbered by French troops it was the English bowmen that won the day.

In particular, credit was given to the long bows of the ‘Kendalian Archers’, dressed in their ’Kendal Green’ tunics.

Kendal Archer Longbow

Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks  ANOTHER STRING TO YOUR BOW

The full story and inspiration for our Kendal Mint Co. ‘Archer’ brand icon.

Drawing the charged energy from the string (KMC) to your bow you can let 'loose' your potential and #Recharge your performance.

Kendal Mint Co KMC Logo

KMC Product Categories

NRG: Energy | ISO: Isotonic | PRO: Protein |
BAR: Solid Bar | GEL: Liquid Gel | MIX: Drink Powder


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