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We're building a community of like-minded, bold, brave and original partners who are passionate about leaving their mark! A team of Everest-Conquerors. Whether your Everest is simply going from couch to 5km, or setting a world record. Everyone has their own, and we want to hear about it. What can you expect from us? Tons of perks, from samples, affiliate commission, discounts and the opportunity to be the face of our campaigns. Apply today and become a real Everest conqueror!

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Become a Team KMC® Athlete

Think you've got what it takes?

#TeamKMC applications are currently open. Let us know why you should be part of the team below! All abilities are welcome.

What are we looking for?

Simple, someone with the same drive and determination as us, with a desire to conquer their own "Everest" within the next year. Whether it's a race, mountain, PB, or charity event - get your name in!

What are the benefits?

We're changing things up - again!  Other than the chance to represent a historic brand - you'll get direct access to nutritional support, exclusive content, media features, exclusive team prices and discounts, event tickets and much more!



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Please note: We use the Shopify Collabs network to manage our team.

Elite, Professional and Semi-professional Athletes:

Our team of elite athletes get access to much more. If you're going for gold, drop us a message with your plans and join our elite team.

Who are Kendal Mint Co®?

Also known as KMC®

We’re a team of experts with one clear goal – To Empower You to achieve your goals with Everest conquering Sports Nutrition, backed by science, that delivers on Taste, Texture, Performance AND Sustainability.

We fuse heritage with cutting-edge sports science. An amalgamation of the oldest manufacturers of Kendal Mint Cake (The Original Energy Bar) with state-of-the-art Informed Sport and BRC AA grade manufacturing.

We are the Original Energy Source… Recharged