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Fuelling a Duathlon World Champion with Ben Goodfellow

Ben Goodfellow, Team KMC Athlete, takes World Champion Age-group title just weeks after his European success.  Firstly, we want to say a huge congratulations. Ben has worked tirelessly to achieve this and we're proud to play just a small part in that journey. We caught up with Ben during his busy schedule to talk race recap, fueling strategy a...
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Running with Type 1 Diabetes - 5 Years Later

Training for your next marathon can be tough enough but for some the challenge can be much greater. Team KMC ambassador Kirsten tells us of her five year long journey with type 1 diabetes, what it is and how she manages it. 5 years ago today, 28th April 2017, my life truly changed forever. I knew my diagnosis before my GP spoke the words,...
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The importance of starting hydrated

It's so easy to simply think about the day of your event and focusing on getting it right on the day. However, your performance is absolutely influenced by how well hydrated you are before you start your session or get to the start line of an event. Why? Well because once you've started you're going to fight to replace all the salts and electrolyte...
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#EarthDay2022 with Kendal Mint Co

Friday 22nd April, 2022 marks #EarthDay2022 and are encouraging everyone to invest in Our Planet. Here at Kendal Mint Co, we are genuinely passionate about making a difference, particularly in our beautiful home - The Lake District.We're going Green... Kendal Green! "We need to act (boldly), innovate ...
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The 214 Peak Wainwright Record Attempt , & How to Fuel it - James Gibson

At 9am on Friday 1st April 2022, James Gibson (30) of Rydal, Cumbria, set off from Moot Hall in Keswick in his attempt to break the 214-peak "Summer" Wainwright Record.  Yes - that's all of them. How long is the 214-Peak Wainwright route? It's 325 miles, 214 different peaks and 36,000m of Elevation gain (4x the height of Ev...
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Why You Need to Focus on Hydration

When you think about your health, do you ever wonder how many hours of exercise you should get each week? Do you worry about the amount of fat in your diet? Or how much salt you're consuming? What about the amount of water you're getting every day? It might surprise you to learn that good hydration habits can play an important role in all three of ...
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Top 5 Reasons to Drink Coffee Before a Workout

If you're the type of person who regularly enjoys a cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon, you might be aware of the brain benefits it provides—such as increased cognitive function, productivity levels, memory function and even a decreased risk of Alzheimer's disease—but did you know that caffeine can also improve your ...
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Refillable Energy Gels - The Sustainable Solution to Endurance Sports Nutrition

Energy Gels -  A staple product in fueling endurance events. Highly convenient, fast and efficient sources of carbohydrate during exercise in a liquid format. Easy to take whilst on the move with no chewing involved and easily digested. A well-designed energy gel will contain a blend of carbohydrates, sometimes Electrolytes, other vi...
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Fuelling British Duathlon Success - with Ben Goodfellow

This weekend saw one member of Team KMC, Ben Goodfellow, take on one of their first big events of the season, the British Duathlon Championships.  In an incredibly competitive field, it was a tough battle from start to finish at a relentless pace. Ben finished his first run in 4th position but by the time he got on the bike, he quick...
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The Fred Whitton Challenge & How to Fuel it

Kendal Mint Co are proud to be supporting the prestigious Fred Whitton Challenge - The UK's toughest sportive. Taking place in the heart of the Lake District, our home turf, and challenging riders to what is most often referred to as the toughest day they've ever had in the saddle. "We always try and support local businesses so working wi...
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We made an Ice Cream...

Lakes Ice Cream have partnered with Kendal Mint Co® to launch the brand new Kendal Mint Cake Ice Cream. A Luxurious mix of Dairy Ice Cream infused with Mint Essence and Dark Chocolate Pieces - If you love Kendal Mint Cake & ice cream, this is the one for you. Where can I buy Kendal Mint Co Luxury Lakes Ice Cream?  Curre...
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Why do some energy gels hurt my stomach?

Energy gels are a popular, convenient way for endurance athletes at any level to take on a substantial amount of carbohydrates in a short space of time. Most aerobic exercise will see your body burning large amounts of carbohydrates as your body's primary fuel source. If you find yourself exercising for at least an hour, then there are definitely b...
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How to fuel your Marathon

Entered a Marathon recently? Don't worry we've got you covered... 
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Energy Gels - What are they and should I use them?

What are Energy Gels? Energy gels are a great way to help with endurance and energy. Put simply - they are a highly convenient, fast and efficient sources of carbohydrate during exercise in a liquid format. Easy to take whilst on the move with no chewing involved and easily digested. A well-designed energy gel will con...
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Stuck at home? Simple at-home workouts to keep you Active

Working from home can be difficult enough. Particularly as an athlete, runner cyclist or just generally active person but whatever your ability, it's incredibly important to keep moving for both you physical and mental well-being.  At a time when it's very easy to start developing bad habits, adding these quick and simple 10-25 minute workout ...
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Beijing Winter Olympics Schedule - Events, Timings & Venues

Beijing 2022 will host the XXIV Olympic Winter Games, 4-20 Feb.  Checkout our full list of events, times and venues with the free downloadable Wall Chart to follow along! The Beijing Winter Olympics schedule highlights includes every medal event of the games & selected events featuring Team GB - Event times are for the UK an...
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5 Benefits of challenging yourself and setting goals

Why should you challenge yourself? Why should you set goals? Whether it's to run a marathon, cycle 100 miles or to kick a bad habit. Challenging yourself and setting goals is incredibly beneficial to not only to your mental health, but also to your personal well being.  Give yourself a purpose, a "why" Prove to yourself that you are in ch...
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The #KendalMint500 Cycling Challenge 2021 (Via Garmin Connect)

It's Back! After an incredibly successful #KendalMint100 Running challenge in 2020, we're now launching the #KendalMint500 - a 500km Cycling Challenge! What is the #KendalMint500 (Cycle) Challenge? 500km Cycling (Or movement). Eight days. Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve!  How to Join?  Join the Kendal Mint Co. Garmin group ...
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The #KendalMint100 Running Challenge 2021 (Via Garmin Connect)

It's Back! After an incredibly successful 2020 challenge to to keep our Running community active during the festive period. What is the #KendalMint100 (Run) Challenge?100 KM Running (Or movement). Eight days. Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve!  How to Join?  Join the Kendal Mint Co. Garmin group to enter the challenge by clicking here.You c...
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What is #GreenNovember ?

We are leading the the way for Greener Sports Nutrition, from reusable Energy Gels to 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable products. Instead of "Black November" or "Black Friday" this year, we are rewarding customers for choosing more Green options with Double Reward Points and Free Refillable's. We'd love to share with you the real-world actions we'r...
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