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How to fuel your Marathon

Entered a Marathon recently? Don't worry we've got you covered... 
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How to optimise your post-workout recovery

The faster and more effectively you recover, the sooner you can get back to training hard. Not only this, by recovering more effectively you will also be able to train more effectively and you will get more benefit from doing so. Nutrition can play a big role, alongside sleep, stretching and other aspects. Here's how... Why is recovery important?&n...
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7 Ways KMC Energy Gel is designed to provide your body with the best

At KMC we are passionate about providing you with the best in Taste, Texture and Performance across our product range. Here's 7 reasons why KMC energy gels do just that.1. Tasty, Refreshing & Powerful.Our range of gels and their flavours bring you everything from powerful Mint caffeine (best saved for those tough days or big hills), fruity...
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The Cumbrian Way Virtual Ultra with Cumbrian Tea and Odyssey Trail Running

 Proud to announce or collaboration with the team over at Cumbrian Tea and Odyssey Trail Running UK for the Cumbrian Way Virtual Ultra! Perhaps even a great way to set your #MyEverest ?  What is The Cumbrian Way?  Well... "It's fair radge marra!" The Cumbrian way is 69.59 miles long and at the highest point 2...
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#MyEverest 40km in 4 weeks with Bound Fitness (Strava Club)

As part of the #MyEverest movement we have partnered with the like-minded team over at Bound Fitness to help inspire you. Our challenge to you - Run, Walk or move 40km in 4 weeks.  How to join the challenge...You can enter the challenge by joining the Bound Fitness club over on Strava and entering the club event below.Step 1 - Join t...
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The #MyEverest Run200 Challenge (Via Garmin Connect)

Locked-down and Events cancelled but that doesn't mean we can't continue to challenge ourselves. So this month, as part of our #MyEverest campaign, we are challenging you to the #MyEverestRun200 , get involved, tell your friends and even win prizes! Let's conquer our Everest together #MyEverest  What is the #MyEverestRun2000 Challenge? Co...
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The #MyEverest Cycle500 Challenge (Via Garmin Connect)

Locked-down and Events cancelled but that doesn't mean we can't continue to challenge ourselves. So this month, as part of our #MyEverest campaign, we are challenging you to the #MyEverestCycle500 , get involved, tell your friends and even win prizes! Let's conquer our Everest together #MyEverest What is the #MyEverestCycle500 Challenge?&...
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The Infamous Bob Graham Round, 42 Fells, 66 Miles, 26,900ft in 24 Hours - With Richard Anderson

Yes you read that right. Little seems to be known nation-wide about this epic Lake District challenge only tackled by the toughest of souls, but completing it gives you the chance to have your name written in history, among the small list of legendary ultra-distance fell-runners who have completed it before you. Here's Team KMC'...
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"Veganuary" For athletes - Good or Bad?

 So it's a pretty tough time for all, stuck at home, no events, but for good reason! Perhaps this is perfect chance to kick our old habits and build a lifestyle and routine to help you live a healthier, happier life? Many are now even following the ever growing trend of Veganism, quite a lifestyle chance, but how can y...
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What's Your Everest? Join the movement using #MyEverest

Long renowned for its association with incredible feats of human achievement, from 29,000 ft of Mount Everest to 2,500 nautical miles of Trans-Antarctic expedition. Kendal Mint Cake helped fuel and conquer many of them.Today, the world's challenges are somewhat different, and they require a slightly different approach. 100 Years of heritage meets o...
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6 Top Tips to Nail the #KendalMint100 Challenge - By Ben Goodfellow

100 KM of running over 8 days is a serious undertaking, but adding the weather, family commitments and other challenges that the holiday period present makes this a significant challenge.  You can find out more about the challenge by clicking here.We spoke to #TeamKMC Athlete, Benjamin Goodfellow, a 24-year-old Semi Professional Triathlet...
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The #KendalMint100 Challenge (Via Garmin Connect)

What is the #KendalMint100 Challenge? 100 KM Running (Or movement). Eight days. Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve! How to Join?Join the Kendal Mint Co. Garmin group to enter the challenge by clicking here.You can watch the miles mount up though the real-time leader board. Find the challenge by clicking here.Everyone's a Winner!Everyone...
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Fuel Your Winter Cycling

Riding in the cold weather presents some unique challenges on the body which you might not know about. Keeping Warm and dry out on the bike is important but when the cold weather hits, adequate nutrition can make a huge difference. Here are some of the challenges you might face and how to counter them.Up to Twice as many Calories Burned S...
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7 Top Tips for Running through the winter

It's unbelievable how quickly the seasons seem to change and as for the year 2020... well, let's not talk about that. If there's one good thing that's come out of this, more people than ever have taken up outdoor activities, sports, exercise, and running in particular. As the cold weather draws in, it can be tempting to start telling...
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Team KMC Ben Goodfellow takes 1st Place at Helvellyn Triathlon

This weekend saw Team KMC's very own Ben Goodfellow take 1st place at the Helvellyn Triathlon. Like many others, Ben has had his season shattered by the global pandemic. Not only that, it was only weeks ago Ben had a pretty heavy crash which left him with a broken Collar Bone. Despite any of this, Ben has persisted, trained hard (and smart) leading...
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Top 10 Best British Sporting Moments of All Time

2020 has been lacking slightly in the sporting moments department thanks to a certain virus. So we thought we'd look back on some great British Sporting success. Here are our top 10 Best British Sporting moments, enjoy! England Winning the Cricket World Cup (2019)The Champagne Super-Over, an edge of your seat kinda moment."England have won the Worl...
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Why Mobility is Important for Runners and How to Improve it

We've teamed up with the incredibly experienced Lee Bradbury otherwise known as @theintrepidathlete Coach, Ultra marathon runner, Spine Challenger and CrossFit competitor Lee has done them all. He's here to help cut through the noise on Mobility for Runners. There seems to be information floating around on the internet stating t...
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Can running help you lose weight?

Now more than ever, it's important for us to stay fit and healthy. We caught up with Team KMC's very own, Harry Lancaster (aka @Runningtoeatmore) who has a real passion for this subject, to share his experience.For many, a significant reason why they take up for running for the first time or the first time in a while is to shed some unwanted weight...
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8 Tips for Training for your first Ultramarathon

Some great, straight-forward tips on training for your first Ultramarathon by Team KMC's one and only Charlotte Clarke!First off, what is an ultramarathon? My Dad messaged me calling it my 'Super Marathon' and honestly that's  all I want to call it now! An ultramarathon is any distance beyond that of a standard 26.2 mile marathon. Mine is 50km...
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Why Protein is key to a successful athlete's diet

"Protein" a buzzword thrown around by gym-goers but it isn't all about big biceps and pumping IronRapid Protein recovery is just as important for optimising recovery and performance in endurance athletes and here is why.In simple terms The faster and more effectively you recover, the sooner you can get back to training hard. Not only...
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