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Protein Bars

Explore Kendal Mint Co's collection of premium protein bars designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Our bars offer a perfect blend of nutrition and taste, ideal for muscle recovery and sustained energy. Shop now for protein bars that support your active lifestyle and fitness goals

Protein Bars Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's:

Q: Which Energy Bars are best for Cycling?

A: It depends what you're looking for. For the ultimate Carbohydrate-dense kick, the 130 years old Kendal Mint Cake recipe will do just the trick, with added Electrolytes and B Vitamins in our KMC NRG BARs.

You can upgrade your KMC with an indulgent Chocolate or Limited Edition White Chocolate. Or for an all-natural and award-winning super snack with 6g Protein, try our Natural NRG bars.

Q: What are the benefits of eating protein bars from Kendal Mint Co?

A: Kendal Mint Co's protein bars are crafted to support muscle recovery, enhance energy levels, and provide a convenient source of high-quality protein. Perfect for athletes, gym-goers, and anyone needing a nutritious snack, our bars help sustain your energy and aid in post-workout recovery.

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Q: When is the best time to eat a protein bar?

A: The best time to eat a protein bar is within 30 minutes to 2 hours after a workout when your body's ability to absorb protein and replenish energy is at its peak. Our protein bars can also be enjoyed as a satisfying snack between meals to maintain energy levels throughout the day.

Read more: Recovery 101: Why Protein is key to a successful athlete's diet

Q: Are Kendal Mint Co protein bars suitable for vegetarians?

A: Yes, our protein bars are vegetarian-friendly, made with high-quality, plant-based proteins that cater to those following a vegetarian diet. Check the specific product details on our website for more information on ingredients and nutritional values.

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Q: How do Kendal Mint Co protein bars fit into a balanced diet?

A: Kendal Mint Co protein bars are designed to be a part of a balanced diet, providing essential nutrients and protein that aid in muscle repair and energy replenishment. They are perfect for anyone looking to support their dietary needs in a convenient and delicious way.

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Q: What flavors of protein bars does Kendal Mint Co offer?

A: Kendal Mint Co offers a variety of protein bar flavors to suit every taste, including chocolate, honey, vanilla, mixed berry, and more. Each flavor is formulated to provide a delicious taste while delivering the nutritional benefits needed for recovery and sustained energy.

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