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Can you use Kendal Mint Cake for Cycling?

Yes! Kendal Mint Cake is used by many cyclists. 

 It's the original energy bar - it conquered Everest, crossed the Antarctic, and helped keep the Army on the move but you don't have to be a climber or explorer to enjoy Kendal Mint Cake.

So it begs the question, Is Kendal Mint Cake good for Cycling? Yes, as well as a tasty treat, it can provide a very welcome boost of energy in the form of glucose. Many cyclists choose Kendal Mint Co® as their food and fuel of choice on the bike.

Avoid the dreaded "bonk" and grab a quick burst of energy 

 After around an hour on the bike your body will begin to start burning through its stored energy and you'll start to feel the tiredness kicking in. A lot of riders refer to this sudden drop as "bonking out".

The best way to avoid this is to stay on top of your energy levels with quick-releasing snacks such as kendal mint cake. Kendal Mint Cake contains Glucose, often referred to as the building blocks of Carbohydrate. A simple sugar which is your body's preferred carbohydrate based energy source. Due to it's simplicity, your body doesn't need to put in any work to break it down and it's absorbed directly into your bloodstream for energy.

But beware! Eating only Glucose based carbohydrate can cause what most refer to as the "sugar crash". When you eat glucose, your insulin levels can spike which increases the amount of glucose absorbed into the bloodstream causing a sudden high followed by an even lower low in energy levels. 

This is why most experienced cyclists opt for dual-source carbohydrate foods such as cereal bars, energy gels and energy drinks which contain a mixture of simple & complex carbohydrates. This helps create more instant but longer-lasting energy.

Top Tips for Energy on the Bike 

Cycling can be an incredibly enjoyable sport, to make sure you feel and perform your best it's important to fuel your body by eating the right foods. Especially on longer rides.

1. Breakfast / Healthy Balanced Diet is Key! Our advice would be to eat 2-4 hours before you start. This should be predominantly carbohydrate based. Fruits, porridge, oats, toast, pancakes and other complex carbs. Some Protein is also important found in yoghurts and eggs. Avoid black pudding, sausages and bacon. Our simply delicious superfood cereal Bar makes for a great addition at breakfast with 40g of Carbohydrate and 5.6g Protein here.

2. Eat Little & Often - During exercise: 30-60g of Carbohydrate per hour for rides over an hour. Energy Bars, Gels and bananas are all great options. 
top-tip! Try using an Isotonic sports drink such as KMC ISO MIX which provides energy and hydration every time you drink. It's much easier than trying to eat on the go.

3. Hydrate Well Start Early, even before you get on the bike keep drinking regularly every 10-15 mins. Once you're on the bike, do the same thing. Little & Often! You can follow our article on why hydration is so important and how to measure it here. Our sports drink KMC ISO MIX, mixes easily with just 500ml of water to provide you with all four essential electrolytes required by the body.

4. Try Energy Gels - They're designed to be easy to open and use - just like fluids, you should be able to consume your fuel with your gloves on mid ride. Energy gels are an ideal functional product for this purpose and provide more than just an instant energy boost. They provide longer-lasting energy and hydration with essential electrolytes. KMC NRG GEL's can last up to 90 minutes.

5. You don't need to avoid Caffeine (or Coffee) Coffee, or should we say Caffeine, actually has many proven benefits. Research shows that it can help improve muscular endurance and strength, as well as it's well known benefits in reducing fatigue and drowsiness. If there's a big hill coming up or if you need something to get you going pre-ride you can grab a caffeine gel. KMC NRG GELs (caffeinated ones) contain 100mg of caffeine. Or you could try our fresh roast coffee here.

6. Don't forget Post-workout is just as important for glycogen re-synthesis and muscle recovery, especially if you're aiming to go again the next day! Start re-fueling as soon as you can post exercise, recovery drinks such as the KMC PRO MIX provide an ideal blend of fast acting carbohydrate and proteins in this case. You can also opt for things such as milk, cereal, bagel and cheese, sandwiches with spreads such as peanut butter.

The Original Energy Source... Recharged

Kendal Mint Cake is widley considered as the Original Energy Bar. Made with sugar, glucose, water and peppermint oil, as well as a tasty treat, when consumed, also provides a very welcome boost of energy.
In fact, it has proved so effective as an energy source that it has been included in the rations of expeditions the world over. Most notably, the imperial trans-Antarctic expedition led by Ernest Shackleton in 1914.
Wind the clock forward to 2019, and we could see clearly where the future for Kendal Mint Cake lay...
Kendal Mint Co® often referred to as KMC, fuse heritage with cutting-edge sports science. An amalgamation of the oldest manufacturers of Kendal Mint Cake (The Original Energy Bar) with state-of-the-art Informed Sport and BRC AA grade manufacturing. 
We're a team of experts with one clear goal – To Empower You to achieve your goals with Everest conquering Sports Nutrition, backed by science, that delivers on Taste, Texture, Performance & sustainability.
We are the Original Energy Source… Recharged
Explore our range of Kendal Mint Cake, Energy Bars, Energy Gels, Electrolytes and Recovery Drinks for your next ride here.

The ultimate jersey pocket companion 

Kendal Mint Cake Energy Bars are perfect for the jersey pocket. Small and compact, you can easily open a pack, take a bite and then wrap it back up in your pocket for the next snack stop!

All of KMC's Energy Bars and Energy Gels are designed to slip straight into your pocket.

...and if it doesn't fit in your pocket, don't worry our sports drink KMC ISO MIX provides an instant, long-lasting boost of energy and hydration with 4 essential electrolytes. Take one serve and mix it with 500ml in your bottle, and keep it in your bottle cage. Just sip as you go!

Cycling bottles come in all shapes and sizes but why not opt for the sustainably conscious option. 100% Biodegradable twist-lock bottles perfect for the bottle cage.

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Can you use Kendal Mint Cake for Cycling?