Top Tips for Training during "lockdown"

Top Tips for Training during "lockdown"


1. Keep things in perspective 

The Covid-19 outbreak is putting extreme pressure on the NHS and other key front line services. People are getting very ill, some are dying and many are unable to work and are facing financial hardship. In this context, the fact that the triathlon season has been suspended, we can't swim and can only go out to exercise once a day is inconsequential. I think it is key to keep this in mind and remember what is important here and be grateful for what we can do. We might not all be on the front line fighting the virus, but it is likely we can still play a role, whether that is supporting loved ones who work in health and social care or joining the so called 'NHS volunteer army'.

2. Follow the Rules 

  The government advice is to only go out once a day to exercise. I am following it and not taking advantage of it. It is there for a very good reason. My view is we have two responsibilities when we go out to exercise:

  • Don't do anything that will cause the NHS any more strain than it is already under. I think we should run and ride on familiar non-technical routes where the risk of a fall or crash is kept to an absolute minimum. 
  • Don't do anything that will put you at risk of catching and worse still, passing on the virus. Go out alone, always respect the 2m rule and stay away from busy areas. It is also worth remembering if you open a gate, you need to be careful not to touch your face.

3. Listen to your body 

You only have to watch the news for a few minutes to realise that Covid-19 is very serious. Now is really not the time to be pushing on through if you are feeling slightly under the weather. Give your body the best possible chance to fight this thing.

4. Have a plan 

For those of us working from home or unable to work, we potentially have more time than ever to train. This is not always conducive to quality training. Writing a training plan will give your day much needed structure and keep you focused and prevent over-training or directionless training. For example, yesterday I did over 3 hours of training as follows

  • Morning – 1 hour 20 Yoga, Strength and Conditioning.
  • Lunchtime- 1 hour easy run on the trails
  • Evening50 minute steady ride in TT position on the turbo trainer 

5. Focus on your weaknesses  

  With races cancelled the pressure is off. This is the perfect time to go back to the drawing board and address your known weaknesses. Personally, I'm focusing on a few key areas:

  • Improve my flexibility and core strength
  • Improve my top end power on the bike
  • Holding time trial position for extended periods

6. Be creative

 This is the time for thinking outside the box and working out what you can do. I have quite a long drive which means I can do running drills or even strides without leaving home.

7. Think about your nutrition

This is also a great time to play around with your nutrition. Do some early morning training sessions fasted, see how your body reacts. If you are doing something longer, experiment with your intake and work out what works best for you before, during and after exercise. If you are looking for some great recovery treats, check out: 

 "Tasted great, if I can make them, anyone can"  - Richard

 8. Plan your next adventure..

  We can't go out at the moment but there is absolutely nothing stopping us from dreaming big, plotting an adventure and giving ourselves something to look forward to when this is all over.

That's all for now. Any questions or comments, please fire me a message on Facebook or Instagram @richardanderson1989. 

Take care and stay safe.  

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Top Tips for Training during "lockdown"