Re-Energise Your Running! with Coopah

Re-Energise Your Running! with Coopah

Reenergise your running with kendal mint co and coopah

When it comes to conquering your first marathon or achieving a new 5K PB, we need a plan to ensure we are prepared and ready, and energy to make sure we get there. Coopah and Kendal Mint Co provide these key parts so you can achieve your running goal!

At KMC our mission is to empower you to achieve your goals with Everest-conquering performance nutrition. We understand that fuelling your body is the key to nailing that time trial, mastering that marathon, or smashing that 10K personal best.

Coopah is a digital run coach which provides runners with personalised training plans. Each runner's training plan is specific to their target distance, target time and current running ability! You even get to choose which days you want to train more, less and harder. Coopah sets out what you need to do, how you need to do it and when you can do it to ensure you smash your next running challenge. 

 Why is a training plan so important when it comes to your next running challenge?

When setting out on achieving your next running milestone, whether it be a 5k race in just 10 weeks or your first half marathon in 20 weeks, having a training plan which is tailored to you will make you much more likely to achieve your target. And it makes race day so much more enjoyable and rewarding, as your body and mind will be ready for the run!

By having a running plan, it means you are most likely going to be running the right session at the right time, no more daily plods. A training plan incorporates a range of runs to make sure running stays fun and adaptive. And the important runs that you are not so keen on are included in some way in your training plan so you will get better at them and may even learn to enjoy them. With Coopah, you can set up your plan and know that the hard work is taken care of, it's over to you to do the fun part…the running. 

 In addition to performing better, using a training plan suited to you will reduce your risk of injury, as you will be building your mileage up gradually and running at the right pace. Coopah also provides weekly strength and conditioning workouts to make you a stronger runner. Plus, you have easy runs and rest days built in, making you more likely to obey your body when it needs to recover.

Working off a plan will also make you accountable. Imagine a plan, on your phone which tells you each morning what your session is and if it is a running session what pace you need to run and for how long.

Spending 10 weeks - 6 months training for your next running milestone can have a real positive on your physical and mental health. Not only will your fitness improve but getting out on a run 3-5 times a week will ensure you get out in the fresh air and/or produce the endorphins and serotonin which improve your mood. Running is a great way to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. It can also improve your sleep and therefore your mental health.

Pete Cooper, Coopah's co-founder, knows how much running can improve our mental health. After losing his mum to a heart attack, Pete was diagnosed with severe depression. This is when he turned to running, which gave him a purpose and a challenge in his life. Running transformed his physical and mental health.

Although training towards a goal can have loads of benefits, it is important to remember to not focus on completing each and every session to the point, we need to be flexible. You can always chat to your 24/7 Coopah Running coach if you have an issue with training. Some days switching that tempo run to a long run or easy run will make things better, some days it is best to have a rest day instead. 

 Why is nutrition so important during training?

 Nutrition for runners is arguably just as important as the actual running. Poor diet can significantly impact your progress and performance. The classic "Abs are made in the kitchen" quote comes to mind. Your diet influences how much fuel your body has for workouts and what nutrients are available once the run is completed.

You can increase your energy levels, improve performance and strength; reduce the risk of injury and significantly improve your overall health with the right nutrition.

This comes from a careful, balanced diet which can be supplemented with sports nutrition such as bars, gels & drink mixes from KMC.

 Balance is key! Eat Smart

A runner's diet, like the general population, should consist of a balance of all three macronutrients - Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates. Supported with micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Plus, plenty of water. 

Running however, burns significantly more calories as an endurance exercise. So more care needs to be taken with what and when you eat. A great example is "carb-loading" the night before a race. This is to maximise your body's energy stores (glycogen) before you run. Or protein intake post-workout to help rebuild and repair exercise induced damage to the muscles. Your muscles become stronger and leaner through controlled and repeated damage & repair. 

Which supplements should a Runner use during training and racing? 

 Let's break it down into three of the body's requirements during a run: EnergyRecovery & Hydration.

Energy: outside of a balanced diet, runners can use energy bars, gels and sports drinks.

These should contain a mixture of fast & slow release carbohydrates. Like the KMC NRG GEL range, which all include a dual-charge 2:1 ratio of maltodextrin:fructose for instant & long-lasting energy release.

Hydration: drinking lots of water to hydrate is key but when running you also need to stay on top of your electrolytes. They regulate heart rate, blood pressure and muscular contractions. They also facilitate hydration. Read more about the importance of hydration here.

The important electrolytes for athletes are sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium. These can all be found in KMC Energy Gels, Isotonic Drink Mix and many of our Energy Bars.

Recovery: Good nutrition doesn't end once your run is over. Recovery supplements should contain at least 20g of quality protein and some fast-acting carbohydrates to help rebuild and repair exercise induced damage (this is how you grow stronger and leaner).

KMC PRO MIX Protein Recovery Shake contains 21g of Whey Protein and 13g of Carbohydrate designed to optimise your recovery so that you can go again - stronger. It's also arguably the tastiest product from KMC!

Read more about post-exercise recovery here.

Working together for your best success yet! 

Working together, Coopah and Kendal Mint Co are here to help runners feel prepared, ready and fuelled for their upcoming running adventures.

With training plans personalised to you and your running goals, energy boosting nourishment like energy gels, Isotonic Drink Mix and rolled oat bars to keep you fuelled and hydrated, you will be ready to achieve your running dreams.

And not to forget when needing to rest and refuel after a tough running session or even after you achieved what you set out to do, you can wind down and recover with KMC's delicious Chocolate Mint Recovery Mix and maybe a cheeky rolled oat bar.

While you've got your feet up, go check out Coopah and start your training today!

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  1. Download Coopah
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You can cancel your subscription anytime before the month is over and you will not be charged.

Together, we will help you go further, faster.


The Coopah app is supported on both Android and iOS devices.

You can download the Coopah app for Android devices from the Google Play Store. Users of iOS devices can find it in the App Store. 

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