Is Kendal Mint Cake Good for Running?

Is Kendal Mint Cake Good for Running?

Yes! Kendal Mint Cake can be Great for Runners 

Many runners will have signed up for half marathons and marathons this year. Training will be well underway to raise fitness and endurance levels. As running distances increase, it's important that you fuel your body correctly.

Kendal Mint Cake can provide a very welcome boost of energy in the form of Glucose. That's why thousands of runners choose Kendal Mint Co® as their fuel. 

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Why is Kendal Mint Cake good for running? 

 The human body can only digest around 60g of Carbohydrate (energy) per hour and its natural energy stores (glycogen) can only store a certain amount of energy. Your muscles need additional fuel to help them power through the additional miles. Without the extra food and drink, you can make your run a lot more difficult, leave yourself at a greater risk of injury, and you may also compromise your immune system. Both will leave you unable to train correctly for the main event or compete properly on the day.

Fueling your body for a big run doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, glucose is the preferred source of energy for long-distance runners. This simple sugar (glucose) found in Kendal Mint Cake provides the primary energy source for you to keep running for longer.

But beware! Eating only Glucose based carbohydrate can cause what most refer to as the "sugar crash". When you eat glucose, your insulin levels can spike which increases the amount of glucose absorbed into the bloodstream causing a sudden high followed by an even lower low in energy levels.

This is why most experienced cyclists opt for dual-source carbohydrate foods such as cereal bars, energy gels and energy drinks which contain a mixture of simple & complex carbohydrates. This helps create more instant but longer-lasting energy.

Before a run 

Leading up to a run, it's important to eat adequate amounts of Carbohydrate, sometimes in the form of Glucose. Runners will often refer to this as carb-loading. 

This should start the day before, eat little and often, hydrate well, avoid risky or spicy foods and avoid excess fibre which can slow down your digestive system and upset your stomach. Aside from just this, you can re-energise your run by following the simple "Rule of thirds" and making sure you get a good nights rest. You can read our full blog on fueling right the day before here.

You'll also need to eat carbs the morning before the run. Your body will need top "top-up" it's energy levels after a night of 'fasting'. If you've eaten well the night before, you don't need to eat a lot before a race, but some complex carbs such as porridge, oats combined with simple carbs from that Glucose will do the trick.

Remember, you don't need to eat a huge amount before a long run. Many runners can't do this. They find it better to fuel as they run. This means taking food with you and eating small quantities of food as you exercise. 

Have a fuel strategy 

 The best way of keeping energy levels high during a long run is to eat little and often. While training, take different food with you to see what works for you. Some runners love to carry Jelly Babies or cereal bars, energy gels or sports drinks but many runners get their energy boost from Kendal Mint Cake.

We're put together our top tips on how to fuel a marathon here. You can also read our fuelling strategy series below:

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Kendal mint cake provides the energy you need

 Kendal mint cake is a glucose-based bar made from sugar, glucose syrup, fondant (sugar, glucose syrup, water), peppermint oil, and a small amount of salt. It is known as the original energy bar as it has been used by adventurers and athletes to provide energy and support endurance.

Because it's high in glucose, Kendal mint cake can be digested rapidly, giving a rapid boost of energy. KMC Kendal Mint Cake contains a specifically designed formula of essential electrolytes and B vitamins designed to make your run better.

But it's not just the glucose that can help runners.

Natural Peppermint, found in most of our products, is a calming, soothing herb - an age old remedy for all sorts of things. One of its properties, rosmarinic acid, gives peppermint anti-inflammatory properties which promotes digestion by calming the lower-intestine and increasing the amount of bile secreted. Peppermint is also proven to improve pain threshold, still used in colonoscopy today. Not bad when you need to out-run your oppononent.

The Menthol found in Peppermint is also a natural decongestant which helps break up phlegm and mucus, making it easier to expel and easier for you to breathe on those cold morning runs.

Read more about the power of mint here.

Kendal Mint Co's Kendal Mint Cake

Kendal Mint Co, otherwise known as KMC, make Kendal Mint Cake Energy Bars which uses a more than 130 years old original recipe! Kendal Mint Cake has been carried on numerous expeditions to help mountaineers and explorers reach their goals. It has crossed the Antarctic, Conquered Mount Everest, Descended to the lowest point on Earth (Everest in reverse) and even helped keep the British Army on the move. 

More recently, Kendal Mint Co (KMC) Energy Bars have been carried on multiple marathons and even took Athlete Ben Goodfellow to win Duathlon world championships, and Ironman 70.3 world championships in St George, Utah.

The KMC Kendal Mint Cake energy bars contain a perfect blend of glucose, four essential electrolytes to maintain hydration and physical performance, plus four different B Vitamins to aid red blood cell function. KMC NRG BAR - Not just a mint cake anymore!

Kendal Mint Co also make a huge range of performance nutrition.  Great tasting Energy Gels, Cereal Bars & Energy Bars, Hydration & Electrolyte Drinks, and Protein Recovery drinks, most of which take a world-class approach to manufacture with Informed Sport certification. Trusted by the best with thousands of reviews including Runner's World, Trail Running Mag "Winner of Best Recovery Aid", Women's Running "Winner of Best in Test" (twice), Coach Mag, Great Taste Awards 2022 just to name a few!

Choose Great-tasting, award-winning performance nutrition at Kendal Mint Co.

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Is Kendal Mint Cake Good for Running?