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What is #GreenNovember ?

#GreenNovember by Kendal Mint co

We are leading the the way for Greener Sports Nutrition, from reusable Energy Gels to 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable products. Instead of "Black November" or "Black Friday" this year, we are rewarding customers for choosing more Green options with Double Reward Points and Free Refillable's.

We'd love to share with you the real-world actions we're taking to tackle the biggest problem of our generation... and to do that, we're going Green, Kendal Green! #GreenNovember

What is our sustainable promise? 

Through our passion for a more sustainable future we have developed our 3-stage, 'GRN NRG' strategy: 

Re-imagine, Reduce, Remove.

By 2025 we aim to have removed ALL single-use plastic from our range

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What have we achieved so far?

With the help of our fantastic team, community and customers we have already reduced our single-use packaging by over 75%. Here's how...

Jan 2020 - No more single use plastic mailing bags.
Feb 2020 - Our drinks bottles switched from plastic to 100% Biodegradable PE.
May 2020 - We phased out our single-use powder sachets and released our 100% recyclable pouches for both our Hydration & Recovery powders.
July 2020 - We introduced a new style of energy gel packaging which uses 30% less packaging and improved seals.
July 2021 We introduced a new refillable Energy Gel pack and flask which reduced our plastic waste by a further 60%.

How do I know which products are 'GRN NRG' Certified?

Look out for our 'GRN NRG' certified badge on product pages with helpful information explaining how they are part of our green future.

You can now shop by level of Sustainability

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What is #GreenNovember ?