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Find out how we're taking real-world action to combat the biggest problem of our generation. 
Including our target of zero single-use plastic by 2025 here. 

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Find out how we're taking real-world action to tackle the biggest problem of our generation.

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Today, the world’s challenges are somewhat different. From Climate Change to 24 hour shifts in a hospital tackling global pandemics; Couch-to-5km to ultramarathons; a local Open-water swim to rowing the Great British Isles.

Everyone's Everest is different... What's yours? #MyEverest


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A young & dynamic team passionate about sports nutrition.

Whether you’re conquering a Mountain Hike or Climb, Running a Marathon, or Cycling across country. The human body can only give as good as it gets, fuelling it correctly is the key to success.

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A young, dynamic team based in the heart of the Lake District.

Through our passion we have breathed new life into one of the most iconic British products in recent memory, Kendal Mint Cake.

100 years of heritage meets cutting edge Sports Science.


Recent Reviews


A good well produced, tasty and flavoursome bar I use after kayaking, cycling and running activity. Also good as a snack during a session, They are so good I'm buying 30 a month so I can ensure i always have one a day after exercise, Also promote their use and KMC under First Aid courses for certain illnesses and conditions. Well worth buying.


Use this after my long training runs as I often crave chocolate milk. This satisfies the craving as well as aiding recovery. Muscle aching and fatigue have definitely reduced still I started to use this. I make up in unsweetened almond milk which added a bit of creaminess with no extra to make my perfect post run shake.


Great fitting Snood.


Having tried all the flavours, this is my personal favourite. Like all of the KMC gels it's refreshing rather than sickly. The extra caffeine hit on top of the normal energy boost is ideal


After years of trying to rip gel sachets open during races (very fiddly when moving at speed), getting the stuff all over my hands and back in my pocket, this has come as a great solution. Comes out without issue, no mess, and you can take as little or as much as you want, with up to 2 pouches worth available.