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Start earning points as a reward for your loyalty with Kendal Mint Points.

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kendal mint loyalty points

How it works

1. Create an Account

To get started, all you need to do is create an account here.

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If you already have one you can start earning Kendal Mint Points today - My Profile.

2. Earn Kendal Mint Points

Earn 1 Kendal Mint Loyalty Point for Every £1 you spendShop now.

You can see how many points you will earn on the product page. Checkhow many points you have by heading to your profile and clicking "Rewards".

3. Spend Your Points

As a reward for your loyalty, every 100 Points = £1 off future orders.

You can build up your points and start earning discounts today here.

You can spend as many points as you like up to a maximum of £5/ Order.