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FAQ's: General

I haven't tried your products before, how can I sample the range?

A great way to try our new products in with the Action Pack This little box is packed with ALL 10 of our products! That's 2 Energy Bars, 5 Energy Gels, 1 Isotonic Drink Powder, 1 Protein Powder AND the Brand New Natural Superfood Bar. Plus Free Delivery.

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FAQ's: Kendal Mint Cake & Energy Bars

What is Kendal Mint cake?
A Glucose based bar infused with Peppermint oil, used for centuries as a source of energy on pioneering adventures such as Chris Bonnington most notably on the ascent of Everest.

FAQ's: Energy Gels

What are Energy Gels? What is in Energy Gels?
Energy gels are a functional and easy to take, concentrated source of energy. This makes it easy to replace lost energy stores whilst training and racing.
Read More: Energy Gels - What are they and should I use them?
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FAQ's: Protein & Recovery

How do protein shakes improve recovery?
Protein is broken down into Amino acids by the body, which are important in facilitating the repair and rebuilding of muscle fibres after exercise. 

Every time you exercise muscle tissue is damaged and the extent of damage depends on the intensity and duration. This is actually the first key part of your adaptation to training. The second part occurs when your muscles begin to repair and rebuild, into leaner, faster and even stronger muscles.

KMC PRO MIX is designed to help you recovery faster and train harder. With 21g Premium Whey Protein Concentrate designed to promote muscle fibre repair and adaption post exercise.

There are 4 other "Pillars" that form part of dietary recovery:

  • Carbohydrate - To replenish depleted energy stores and help synthesise Proteins to optimise your recovery.
  • Water – to replace fluid lost as sweat and to aid the process of glycogen storage in muscle (each gram of glycogen synthesised in muscle requires around three grams of water to 'fix' it in place;
  • Electrolytes – to replenish minerals lost in sweat (eg sodium, chloride, calcium, magnesium).
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FAQ's: Hydration & Electrolytes

Do Electrolytes help with Cramps?
Yes - Cramping is caused by a deifiency in electrolytes. Electrolytes are lost through sweating, particularly when exercising vigorously. A deficiency in Electrolytes can also cause fatigue, weakness, tingling, or confusion–none of which are pleasant.


FAQ's: Coffee

Is Coffee good for before a workout?
Yes, The caffeine found in Coffee can also improve your physical performance.

When you drink coffee, you're getting a quick fix of the caffeine found in coffee beans, which blocks adenosine receptors in your brain and increases adrenaline, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin levels. The result? You have more energy during your workout to lift heavier weights or run faster than you could have otherwise done without any stimulation from caffeine! Caffeine acts as an ergogenic aid, which means it improves athletic performance and increases endurance.

The Top 5 reasons to drink coffee before a workout.

FAQ's: Running Nutrition

How should I fuel my Run?

FAQ's: Points & Loyalty Program

How do I redeem my points?
As long as you're signed in to the same account you previously used to purchase and earn points, you will see an option in the basket saying "Use X points for X discount on the order" - just click the button which says "Apply Discount".

FAQ's: KMC VIP/ Subscribe & Save

What is KMC VIP?
KMC VIP is our priority service for those who want to receive regular deliveries of their favourite products in return for much lower prices, extra reward points and much more.
Never miss a beat during busy training and work schedules and guarantee your #Recharge is there when you need it most.

FAQ's: Sustainable Performance Nutrition

Our GRN NRG Sustainable promise...

At Kendal Mint Co. we are passionate about reducing waste, particularly in our beautiful home The Lake District.

We recognise the current plastic crisis and we are already in the process of transitioning to biodegradable & recyclable packaging where possible, in a bid to help try and reduce single use plastic waste.

Through our passion for a more sustainable future we have developed our 3-stage, 'GRN NRG' strategy:
Re-imagine, Reduce, Remove.

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