Team KMC Wilf Goodfellow takes the UK Everesting Record

Team KMC Wilf Goodfellow takes the UK Everesting Record


 Last week saw Team KMC Ben aka Wilf Goodfellow take completely and utterly, smash the Everest challenge. Hear more from Wilf below...

  As an endurance athlete, with a climbers build, an Everesting by bike has been on my bucket list for a few years. But, in a normal season, with racing to peak for, finding a slot in the calendar for such a massive undertaking is nearly impossible. Except this isn't a normal season. The lack of racing makes this the perfect time for such a challenge.

I would love to say I was organised and set a day with months to prepare. But that would be a lie. A week ago I picked a climb and informed Ryan my coach. 

  The selected climb was Gummer's How, also known as Fell Foot Brow. 1.5km of relatively straight road, at a savage 11% average gradient. Despite this high average gradient, it would still take 55 ascents and 160km of riding to achieve the 8848m equivalent elevation of MT Everest.

The day before I checked over my bike one last time and loaded the mountain of nutrition needed for such an event.

Onto the big day breakfast, coffee and out the door. By 4:45 am, I am on the bike and into the first descent to the start. It's fast, clocking 80kph in places, luckily I am equipped with the finest UK made brake blocks from Fibrax. I would love to say the 1st half flew by, but that isn't true. Although the intensity hadn't fully kicked in yet, 5 hours on the bike, with most of that time climbing is never easy. It was at this stage I moved from mostly solid foods to gels and energy products supplied by Kendal Mint Co. These would provide the extra kick needed as the effort started to bite. And bite it did!  

 Watch my video here...

The RPE increased as the watts slightly decreased. Despite some rough patches I was able to keep ticking down the reps while noting mental milestones... the highest point in Europe ✅, Base Camp ✅, 33 complete (60%) ✅, 44 complete (80%)✅, 10 remaining✅..... 5,4,3,2,1. Despite my immense fatigue I was able to let rip on the last rep to achieve my fastest ascent of the day. With my family cheering me along, I summit for the final time, hand's aloft I punch the air with pride. What a day!!! 9hr 47 mins from start to finish.  

 Part 2..

Going into this challenge completion was the only thing on my mind. I honestly wasn't sure it would be possible on such a tough climb. Only after my time was officially published in the everesting hall of fame, did it become apparent, I had set a new UK everesting record.

Completion alone was a massive achieve. But this is on another level. 

Final stats:

Reps: 55
Distance: 159km
Elevation: 8850m
Moving time: 9hr 26mins
Elapsed time: 9hr 47mins
Climbing time: 7hr 49mins (82%)
Normalised power: 246w
Calories burnt: 7300 kcal

Strava Link:

Hall of fame:

Everesting Calculator data:

Special Thanks to:

The family and dogs for cheering me along.

Michael Bellamy riding along with me on several reps

Ryan Morley for coaching me over the last 2 years

Fibrax for supporting with components.

Kendal Mint Co for providing the nutrition products.

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