Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to eat before football match day?

A: Topping up our Glycogen "Fuel Tank" is priority but it takes time, so it's important to start fueling early on.

Timing: For the classic 3pm Saturday Kick-off, start increasing your Carbohydrate intake from the Thursday evening or Friday Morning.

Fuel: A really simple way to eat smart before your event is to divide your plate into thirds. 1/3 Carbs, Protein & Veg. If you're going to be working for a longer period of time, up your carbohydrate intake!You can get some extra protein from our delicious KMC PRO MIX here.

Stay clear of any new or risky foods, particularly spiced. It's also a good idea to avoid too much fibre. Excess fibre can slow down your digestive system and affect your performance.

Top-Tip: You can measure how well hydrated you are from the colour of your urine! You should aim for a light straw colour and if you're passing fluids fast, increase your electrolytes intake. Read more about electrolytes and follow our urine chart here. By staying well hydrated throughout the day it means you have less to worry about the next morning, it's easy to become dehydrated over night. More about the important of Electrolytes here.

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