Kendal Mint Co - Kendal Mint Cake Energy Supplements
Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks

About Kendal Mint Co

Kendal Mint Cake - the original ‘energy bar’. It has climbed Mount Everest, crossed the Antarctic and even helped keep the army on the move.

Together with Quiggins, an original manufacturer and also an informed sport BRC AA grade production facility we have created a great range of outstanding evolutionary products, derived from the original energy bar, for today’s sport nutrition market.

Not only are our products packed with additional benefits, but they taste fantastic too!

Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks

What's in A Name?

The much loved British icon KENDAL MINT CAKE. Made with sugar, glucose, water and peppermint oil, as well as a tasty treat, when consumed, also provides a very welcome boost of energy.’

Kendal Mint Cake Flavour Protein Shake
Kendal Mint Co - Kendal Mint Cake Energy Bars
Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks

A British Icon

Kendal Mint Co. (KMC) is a new, dynamic business based in the heart of the Lake District. 

Through our passion we have breathed new life into one of the most iconic British products in recent memory, Kendal Mint Cake. 100 years of heritage meets cutting edge sports science.

The Original Energy Source… RECHARGED!

Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks


Kendal Mint Cake proved so effective as an energy source that it has been included in the rations of expeditions the world over. Most notably, the imperial trans-Antarctic expedition led by Ernest Shackleton in 1914.

Mint Cake has also conquered Mount Everest! Quiggins, Kendal Mint Cake was taken on a successful ascent of the world’s tallest mountain by Sir Chris Bonington in 1975. In the same year, Quiggins Mint Cake was taken down the world’s deepest pothole, called Everest in Reverse’, in Papua New Guinnea!

More latterly Actor Ewan McGregor and Charlie Bowman included Kendal Mint Cake in their supplies for their 2004 round the world motorcycle trip ‘The Long Way round.’ Wind the clock forward to 2019, and we could see clearly where the future for Kendal Mint Cake lay.

Natural Mint Energy Supplements
Kendal Mint Cake Energy Drinks and Gels for Runners
Natural Kendal Mint Cake Sport Energy Drinks


At KMC, we believe that when it comes to sport and exercise, fuelling your body is the key to success. Whether you’re taking a long walk in the Lake District, smashing out a marathon or pedalling your way across the country, your body can only give you as much as it gets.

Our diverse range of update, rejuvenated, “recharged” products will bring out the best in your body every step of the way. Whether you need a caffeine kickstart before activity, an energy boost along the way or targeted recovery when you’re done, we’ve got you covered. 

Choose from Energy Gels, Hydration & Energy Drink Mixes, Protein Recovery,  or Energy Bars to get the delivery that suits you.