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Refillable Energy Gels - The Sustainable Solution to Endurance Sports Nutrition

Energy Gels -  A staple product in fueling endurance events. Highly convenient, fast and efficient sources of carbohydrate during exercise in a liquid format. Easy to take whilst on the move with no chewing involved and easily digested. A well-designed energy gel will contain a blend of carbohydrates, sometimes Electrolytes, other vitamins and often Caffeine to avoid fatigue. They're great!

But there's on big issue... plastic waste.

Whether it's accidentally dropping the tear-off tabs on the floor, or the whole packet falling out of your pocket when on the move (an easy mistake to make when working hard). 


You could go biodegradable... but that would mean short shelf-life, weak packaging and potentially very messy kit and hands when on the move...

Are Energy Gels Recyclable? 

The short answer is no, almost all energy gels are made from a packaging format which combines foil, and non-recyclable plastics. This is mostly due to the liquid nature of the product, it's very difficult to find a packaging solution which provides an oxygen and liquid barrier, tough enough for the product, whilst protecting it from microbes and providing adequate shelf-life.

But there is an answer - Refillable Energy Gels!

Kendal Mint Co. Aka KMC have come up with a rather ingenious solution (if we do say so ourselves). We have developed refillable energy gel pouches and flasks, the first of their kind in the UK. Simpler, Faster & Cleaner - for a greener way to consume energy gels.

Say goodbye to single-use energy gel sachets and start refilling your KMC NRG GEL Soft Flask using our 10-serve bulk pouch. Reducing packaging waste by over 60%. Simply unscrew the lid, pour your energy gel into the carefully designed, wide-neck, gel soft flask and srew the lid back on once done. You can fill it all the way up for two gel serves, or up to the conveniently marked line for one 70g gel serve. That's up to 54g of Carbohydrate in every pocket-sized

 Winner of "Best In Test" and "Eco Champion" - Women's Running Mag

"I'm already a big fan of KMC - I like their minty gels and their energy bars are to die for. So I was chuffed when they came up with this innovation: what you get is a massive pouch of energy gel (raspberry+mint ftw), along with reusable silicone pouches that hold up to two gel's worth in one go. Fill your pouch (or pouches) and away you go. 

This is such a winning concept: firstly, you're not creating waste from gel packets. Secondly, the tops of these reusable pouches are SO much easier to access than the tops of packets, especially with cold and wet fingers. Thirdly, you get two lots in one pouch, making storing them about your person a lot easier too. 

Plus I love the taste of these, they're kind on my (often nervy) stomach and they give me exactly the boost I need.

I would happily give them six stars if it didn't fly in the face of our entire review system."

- Esther, Tester from Women's Running.

Refillable energy gels

 At Kendal Mint Co We are passionate about reducing waste...

We recognise the current plastic crisis and we are already in the process of transitioning to biodegradable & recyclable packaging where possible, in a bid to help try and reduce single use plastic waste. 

How are we going to achieve this?
Through our 3-stage "GRN NRG" promise, you can read more about it here.

Most of our products already use reduced, recyclable, refillable or biodegradable packaging... 

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Refillable Energy Gels - The Sustainable Solution to Endurance Sports Nutrition