Race Day Nutrition Pt.3 - Fueling during your Race - Kendal Mint Co®

Race Day Nutrition Pt.3 - Fueling during your Race

Whatever your race discipline, fuelling right during the race is all about balance and thinking ahead. 
Whether you're out on the bike, running a marathon or climbing a mountain. Ask yourself: How am I going to feel in 20 mins time?  Big hill coming up in 10 15 mins? Take onboard some Caffeine Gels
Look at your route, the climbs, the descents, think about how your body will react and build a fuel plan around it. Our best advice is to be proactive not reactive and remember, Little & Often! Here are our top 5 tips.

Gels or Bars? 

The big question. We always recommend a combination of both. Too many gels can still have an affect on your gut.

Why not try taking a KMC NRG BAR and breaking off one block of 14g Carb each time?

Our KMC ISO MIX also contains a good blend of carbohydrate along with essential electrolytes which you can take sips of throughout your race.

An example: 60-80 Miles on the bike

60 - 80 Miles on the bike
Approx 5 Hours riding
30 - 60g Carbohydrate per hour

What might this require? As an example you might take:


Make sure to have our KMC NRG GEL on hand. Our energy gels are the most easy to take product whilst on the move. The Dual Charge Carbohydrate Formula provides your body with an instant but long-lasting energy boost. They come in a variety of powerful and refreshing flavour, and they're kind on the stomach.

For an extra Supercharged kick, try the KMC NRG GEL+ with 100mg of caffeine.

"Why do some energy gels hurt my stomach?"

When and how often?

Think ahead, little & often. 

As a general rule, try to fuel every 15-30 mins from the start. If you've fueled well pre-race, don't let your efforts go to waste, you need to keep on top of it for optimal performance.

When you build your fuel plan, look at where you have the best chance to eat to avoid having to slow down on hills or narrow sections. You could even set reminders on your phone or smart watch.

What about Protein?

Protein plays a key role in preventing the breakdown of muscle. Anything over 4/5 hours, you should seriously look to take on some protein during the race. 

Our KMC PRO MIX is ideal as it packs 21g of Whey Protein and you only need to mix it with 200ml of water. More about Protein here.

Stay hydrated!

So often over-looked, hydration is key during any race regardless of the weather or temperature. You should be taking on at least 500-750ml per hour. A great way to ensure you remain hydrated is to take sips every 10 mins.

You can work out how much you need to drink whilst training. Try weighing yourself before and after a training session. quite simply - If your weight drops significantly, you need to take on more liquids! 

KMC ISO MIX makes for a great solution, with a blend of 4 essential electrolytes and 35g of Dual Charge Carbohydrate per serve - Just mix with 500ml of water.

You can read more about hydration and Electrolytes here with a useful urine chart.


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Race Day Nutrition Pt.3 - Fueling during your Race