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KMC Unwrapped 2023 - A Year In Review

Celebrating A Year of Unforgettable Adventures with Kendal Mint Co!

As the year winds down, we're taking a moment to look back at the incredible journey we've shared with our Kendal Mint community. It's been  a year of growth, challenges, and unforgettable adventures, all fueled by your unwavering support and passion.

New Heights Reached: We launched several new products, including our pocket KMC Bars, which quickly became fan favorites. Your feedback has brought the energy we needed to push on with new and better products.

Sustainability Strides: We've made significant strides in our commitment to sustainability, implementing even more biodegradable packaging. A Highlight has been the refillable energy gels now outselling the singe-serve gels! Every wrapper saved from landfill is a win for us and a journey we're proud to be on with you.

Community Achievements: Our Kendal Mint family grew larger and stronger. We celebrated your achievements, from epic trail rides to personal bests in various sports. New team sponsorship's and even more podiums. Your stories inspire us every day!

A Heartfelt Thank You: None of this would have been possible without you. Your trust, feedback, and shared moments of triumph are what make Kendal Mint Co more than just a brand.

As we gear up for another year of adventures, we're excited to bring you more of the products you love, designed to fuel and inspire every step of your journey. Here's to another year of shared trails, goals, and minty-fresh experiences!

Thank you for being a vital part of our 2023 journey. Let's make 2024 even more memorable!

Stay adventurous,

-The Kendal Mint Crew

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Kendal Mint co year in review nutrition stats
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KMC Unwrapped 2023 - A Year In Review