KMC Supports Team ExeEndurow as they tackle the World's Toughest Rowing Race - GB Row - Kendal Mint Co®

KMC Supports Team ExeEndurow as they tackle the World's Toughest Rowing Race - GB Row


We are proud to support ExeEndurow in their attempt to become the youngest team to circumnavigate GB. A Grueling, formidable challenge in aid of Just One Ocean and The British Red Cross. Read more about their chosen charities here.

Arthur and his team approached us just before the COVID-19 pandemic, sadly the event was postponed but the lads had not given in and it is now rescheduled for early July. We wish them all the best and have every confidence they will return triumphant!

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Arthur Chatto

A statement from Arthur below:

  "Exe Endurow is an ocean rowing team of 4 students attempting to row non-stop, unsupported around Great Britain. Our aim is to become the youngest team to circumnavigate GB, starting and finishing from Tower Bridge. We will be raising money for Just One Ocean, a charity working tirelessly to alleviate plastic pollution in our oceans, and the British Red Cross in their COVID-19 Response. We will also be conducting the first microplastics survey around the entire UK coastline to aid vital research into the health of our oceans.

We as a team wanted to do this challenge because we all share a passion for the outdoors, fitness and the oceans. Two members of the team enjoy mountaineering in Scotland and the Alps, while the other two are experienced sailors which will be invaluable maritime knowledge for us.

The challenge will be a real test of endurance, rowing 2000 miles against some of the strongest tides in the world. We have been preparing for the expedition for the past year alongside our University degrees. We will be living in a very tough and grueling environment but we are confident we can cope with nutrition and supplements we have from the KMC. We Chose KMC because we loved the pride that they take in being a quality British sports nutrition brand and we felt that this aligned perfectly with our own passion to circumnavigate Great Britain."

GB Row Challenge is a non-stop, unsupported rowing race around the UK mainland, setting off from Tower Bridge on the 1st June. Click on the UK to find out more. It's a formidable race that will see the team face all manner of dangers and obstacles such as Dangerous Shipping Lanes, 2000 Miles of open water, Infamously Bad Weather, Strongest Tides in the World, Calorie Deficit and Dehydration, Sea Sickness, Sleep Deprivation and even potential Capsize!

The team consists of four members, read more about them here

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KMC Supports Team ExeEndurow as they tackle the World's Toughest Rowing Race - GB Row