#KendalMint100 Challenge - 2023 - Kendal Mint Co®

#KendalMint100 Challenge - 2023

It's back. Need a kick up the proverbial backside this Holiday season? Or do you just want to add another challenge to your list of accolades and see out your year feeling accomplished?

Join us - we've got you.

What is the #KendalMint100 Challenge?

100 KM Running (Or movement) over eight days, from Christmas Eve to New Year's Eve!

Starts: 00:00am 24/12/2023

Ends: 23:59pm 31/12/2023


How do I Join The #KendalMint100 Challenge?

Head over to our Garmin Connect group. Most of you probably use Strava, we know. Which is why we've added club events to our official Strava Club here to mark the start of the event. However! The official results will all be measured over on Garmin Connect.

If you don't have Garmin Connect already, don't panic! It's easy to create a new account and sync your activity from elsewhere. More information below.

Here's how:

  1. Join the Kendal Mint Co. Garmin Connect group to enter the challenge - Join here.

  2. Watch your miles rack up on the real-time leader board - Watch here.

Join the #KendalMint100 Challenge

What can I win?

Well, apart from the opportunity to revel in the fact, before most people have even begun setting there new year goals, you'll have already knocked out 100km at the toughest time of year...


  1. When you complete the 100km you gain access to an exclusive 20% Discount Code valid for one week.

  2. 3 Random entries will also receive a Free Action Pack.

  3. Special Bonus Prize for the Top Runner of £75 (in KMC vouchers) who racks up the most miles and uploads them to Garmin during the challenge. 

Share your Journey! Make sure to follow us on social media to stay in the loop with updates. During the challenge, share your pictures and stories with us using #KendaMint100 and tagging @Kendalmintco


What if I don't have a Garmin device and how do I join using other platforms?

The challenge is exclusively on Garmin connect but if you don't have a device, that's Not a problem you, you can sync from other apps and GPS files form other trackers can be added.

To manually upload your GPS Files - Just make a Garmin Connect account and follow the instructions from this link: https://support.garmin.com/en-GB/?faq=ACgfZF717vAeVfhHgPrFv6

To Sync Strava to Garmin Connect - Follow the instructions here: https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/216918057-Garmin-and-Strava


6 Top Tips to Nail the #KendalMint100 Challenge - By Ben Goodfellow - Kendal Mint Co - Kendal Mint Co. | KMC | Quality British Sports Nutrition

100 KM of running over 8 days is a serious undertaking, but adding the weather, family commitments and other challenges that the holiday period present makes this a significant challenge.
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#KendalMint100 Challenge - 2023