Stuck at home? Simple at-home workouts to keep you Active

Simple at-home workout during isolation

Working from home can be difficult enough. Particularly as an athlete, runner cyclist or just generally active person but whatever your ability, it's incredibly important to keep moving for both you physical and mental well-being. 

At a time when it's very easy to start developing bad habits, adding these quick and simple 10-25 minute workout routines to your day can quickly turn something negative into a positive change in our lives.

Did you know? Sitting for more than half an hour causes your metabolism to slow down.

There are all sorts of simple body weight exercises you can do at home and you don't need a personal gym to stay fit during isolation.

Exercises such as: Plank, Lunges, Mountain Climbers, Squats, Press ups etc which we have taken and built into a range of different routines which you can download for free as images below, check them out!

All Round Workouts 

1. Morning Workout Routine 

Start your day the right way with a combination of strength and cardio. 

Indoor Workout Morning Kendal Mint Co

2. Core Builder Workout

Improve your balance and stability with our core builder workout. 

Indoor Workout Core Builder by Kendal Mint Co

3. The Overkill Workout 

Push your limits with 3 different levels of our ultimate workout. 

Indoor Workout Overkill by Kendal Mint Co KMC

Workouts for Runners & Cyclists

4. Train to Run for longer workout

Our most popular workout designed to help you run for longer. Once a day for a few weeks mixed in with your running and you'll be going for longer in no time.

Run Longer Indoor Workout by Kendal Mint Co

5. Leg Day Workout

Stronger legs = Better endurance and core strength, Improving your cardiovascular training such as cycling & running.

Leg Day Indoor Workout by Kendal Mint Co KMC

6. The Sprinter Workout 

This energized routine is designed to strengthen your legs and glutes!

Sprinter Indoor Workout by Kendal Mint Co KMC

 Balance, Coordination, Cooldowns and Arms

7. Balance & Coordination Routine

Give yourself the extra edge, arguably the easiest workout in terms of intensity but incredibly important for developing muscular control as an athlete.

7. Balance & Coordination by Kendal Mint Co

8. Full Body Cooldown Routine

Get this one in every time you finish a workout, training or race and you'll leave your body in optimum condition for the next time.

Full Body Cooldown by Kendal Mint Co KMC

9. Arms/ Upper Body Workout

One for the triathletes among us, or those who just want to build upper body strength.

Sprinter Indoor Workout by Kendal Mint Co KMC

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