10 Simple Top-tips to Stay Cool While Training in the Heat

10 Simple Top-tips to Stay Cool While Training in the Heat


Summer is here! For us Brits It's time to stop complaining about the rain and start counting down the days to the customary "it's too hot"... Warm weather makes training and exercising outdoors even more appealing but it's important to take certain precautions for relief from extreme heat and humidity whilst working out. Here are a few tips that will help you beat the summer heat and stay cool.

1. Start Exercising Early 

Always make sure to exercise in the morning! Never exercise outdoors between 11am to 4pm as it is considered to be the hottest time of the day. 

2. Split Your Workouts

Exercise moderately. Take breaks when you feel exhausted. Try breaking a 1 hour workout into two 30-minute sessions at the beginning and end of the day.

3. Don't Protein-load pre-workout

Do not protein load before performing exercises as it generates more heat in the body. Make sure not to eat more than 20 grams of protein right before exercising!

4. Take a cold shower before your workout

Take a cold shower before your workout. A pre-exercise cooldown helps you perform better in the heat as it lowers your heart rate and skin temperatures.

5. Use a frozen towel

Soak a thin, lightweight hand towel in a bowl of water. Wriggle the cloth and freeze it for an hour. When you are all set to go for a workout, wrap this towel around your neck.

6. Wear appropriate clothing

Choose loose and light coloured cotton clothes while you exercise during summer. It will keep you cool and comfortable.

7. Use Sunscreen

It is vital to protect your skin from sunburn. Opt for an oil-free sunscreen that will not interfere with your body's ability to cool down. Make sure to apply a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

8. Limit your Sun Exposure

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight by seeking out shady spots along your routes.

9. Hydrate Often

Stay hydrated to beat the heat during workouts. Replace lost salts by using drinks containing Electrolytes, or other products. Check out all of our Electrolyte-containing products here.

10. Use Refreshing Menthol / Mint based foods!

 Mint contains a naturally occurring compound called Menthol, which activates cold receptors in the mouth and airways creating a sensation of coolness. This sensation of coolness has recently been proven to provide an "ergogenic" (or performance-enhancing) aid to runners, cyclists and endurance athletes in hot temperatures.

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10 Simple Top-tips to Stay Cool While Training in the Heat