KMC Listed as “Best Running Gels” AND “Best Energy Bars” 2019 by Coachmag

KMC Listed as “Best Running Gels” AND “Best Energy Bars” 2019 by Coachmag


When we launched our Recharged range back in May, we knew we had done everything we could to create a nutritionally sound and great tasting range of products, but what we could not predict is the incredible reaction it would get.


What better way to put your products to the test, than to ask the opinion of the go to annual energy gel review roundup by Coachmag.

Nick Harris-Fry writes "One advantage hikers and mountaineers have always had over runners is that they got to chow down on delicious Kendal Mint Cakes during their activities. Sure, you could try scoffing the sugary treat during a run, but it really wasn't ideal."


"Fortunately that delicious sweet mint flavour has now been released in gel form, with citrus mint, chocolate mint and mint flavours available – it's all about mint. The 70g contains 27g of carbs and sweetens the deal with electrolytes to help keep you hydrated."

We worked long and hard developing a our KMC NRG GEL range. Most of or team having come from a food manufacturing background, it's fair to say we know a thing or two about taste. Whilst making sure they ticked all of the right boxes.

Gluten Free? Yes! Vegan…? Of course! But what about those nasty side affects most of us suffer from when taking Gels? All of our KMC NRG GELs have a higher water content to aid digestion. Not only that, our gels use natural peppermint extract, just like the traditional Kendal Mint Cake! Mint is a proven natural anti inflammatory, used for centuries to help calm the stomach! You can find out more about the benefits of mint on our product pages.

Coachmag also writes "The Kendal gels are pleasingly fluid and although it's best to take them with a drink, they're easy to swallow on the move even if you don't have water to hand. Of the flavours chocolate mint is our favourite"


But the excitement doesn't stop there…




KMC NRG BAR has been named in "The Best Energy Bars To Fuel Your Exercise" by Coachmag!

We all know Kendal Mint Cake as the original energy bar. From Everest to the Antarctic it's an internationally recognised. That's why we manufacture our bars in partnership with Quiggins.

Quiggins have been in the business for over 130 years, so we figured they know a thing or two about making Mint Cake. Our bars have been carefully redesigned and recharged so not to change the iconic look, feel or taste or the original bar. With our precision engineered Informed sports Electrolyte and B Vitamin blend, the KMC NRG BAR gives you that targeted edge – Not just a Mint Cake anymore.

"Kendal Mint Cakes have gone modern. This new energy bar adds electrolytes and B vitamins, as well as ditching words for initials to really appeal to the next generation of outdoor activity enthusiasts. Of course, the one thing no-one can change is that the sugary, minty bars are absolutely delicious no matter what they're wrapped up in. There's a classic plain (or "White") bar or a chocolate-covered version, with both packing in glucose-y goodness to the tune of 83g of carbs in the 85g mint bar and 48g of carbs in the 50g chocolate-mint bar. With almost all of those carbs coming from sugars, this isn't a snack to satisfy your sweet tooth in the middle of a working day – it's best saved for when you really need the energy, like when you're halfway up a mountain and realise there aren't any pubs around for lunch."

Be prepared be your best. It is so important to fuel your body in the correct way. Like a car without fuel, you're not going to get very far! The right levels of fuel will get you where you want to be.

The human body is exactly the same, it needs fuel to perform. This is equally important when we consider the quality of physical activity, ensuring that you are at your best maximizing the associated benefits!

You'll find our range has every eventuality covered. Fueling before, during and even after exercise. Our range is designed to complement different sports and activities, with the various methods of deliverability catered for.

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KMC Listed as “Best Running Gels” AND “Best Energy Bars” 2019 by Coachmag