Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I eat before Kick-off?

A: There's still time to top-up on those energy stores and hydrate in the form of something light and easily digested!

Timing: Within a the 1 hour period before kick-off, before, during or after warm up it's entirely personal preference.

Fuel: Caffeine is scientifically to improve both muscular endurance and focus. It takes roughly 1 hour to peak in the bloodstream. So taking a KMC NRG GEL+ Caffeine Energy Gel within 1 hour of the game is a great way of doing this and adding 27g of Dual Carbohydrate. Staying Hydrated is key, lack of hydration leads to reduced performance and focus. Add one serve of KMC ISO MIX to a 500ml bottle of water for an additional 34g of Carbohydrate, 4 essential electrolytes and a refreshing light drink to get you going.

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