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Kendal Mint Squeeasy Dual-Fuel Drinks Bottle & Gel Flask 750ml (Limited Trial)

Kendal Mint Squeeasy Dual-Fuel Drinks Bottle & Gel Flask 750ml (Limited Trial)

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Joining forces with Squeeasy©, we have created a Dual-Fuel, Multi-purpose 750ml drinks bottle that combines our refillable energy gels flasks. This not only makes your nutrition easier to consume, but also contributes to reducing single use plastic and saves you money compared to purchasing a separate bottle and flask.

Recharge your fueling strategy today with our limited trial of 50 Kendal Mint Squeeasy's.

Each bottle can hold 2x 70g KMC NRG GELs, plus 630ml of your drink - Perfect for combining KMC NRG GEL and KMC ISO MIX on the go.

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Optimised dual fueling for athletes training or competing in endurance sports. Introducing the brand-new dual fuel bottle from Squeeasy.


  • Capacity for 2 x 70g KMC NRG GEL per bottle.
  • Access water or gel with a simple switch mechanism easy to use on the move.
  • Consume as much or as little gel each time you require.
  • In the heat of competition your energy needs are on tap.
  • No mess.
  • Still has capacity for between (630ml – 690ml) of fluids.


  • No more accidental dropping of wrappers.
  • We are in discussions with your favourite energy gel manufacturers and we expect gel to be available soon in bulk rather than individual servings. This would cut down on excess packaging.
  • Easy to clean for use time after time.


  • No more searching for gels in your pockets, allowing you to keep better control on your bike.
  • Better concentration on the task in hand.



PP, TPU, Silicone

Mundstück(e) Soft Silicone

Obergrenze(n) Dual Valve - Switch between energy gel or drink

Volumen/Kapazität 750 ml

Länge 70 mm

Breite / Durchmesser

Höhe 235 mm

Gewicht 95 g


Reinigung After use, simply unscrew the lid and pouch. The bottle and lid can be cleaned either by hand or through a dishwasher (the pouch is best cleaned by hand). The opening has been designed as wide as possible to allow most tap heads to fit inside. Being a soft-flexible material the pouch is best cleaned using warm water and rubbing any excess gel out.

For a deep clean the lid and mechanisms have been designed to fully dissemble. This is carried out by depressing the two prongs underneath the lid and pushing the components upwards.

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