Earth Day 2024 - Kendal Mint Co®

Earth Day 2024

Monday 22nd April, 2024 marks #EarthDay2024 and EARTHDAY.ORG is unwavering in their commitment to end plastics for the sake of human and planetary health, demanding a 60% reduction in the production of ALL plastics by 2040. We are deeply passionate about reducing plastics here at KMC, for us i't personal.
That's why yet again, we're going Green... Kendal Green!

“The Planet vs. Plastics campaign is a call to arms, a demand that we act now to end the scourge of plastics and safeguard the health of every living being upon our planet.”, 2024

But what exactly are Kendal Mint Co doing to reduce plastic?

The sports nutrition market is a tough one when it comes to improved sustainable packaging solutions. Practical products which are designed to be tough and easy to use, tend to contradict any sustainable solutions but there are ways to tackle this. 
Through our passion for a more sustainable future we have developed our 3-stage, 'GRN NRG' strategy - Re-imagine, Reduce, Remove.
Our goal is to ensure we  have done everything we can to remove single use plastic products from our range entirely by 2030.
Throwing it back to Earth Day 2021, we promised we would "change the game"... and in June 2021 we did just that, launching the UK's first Refillable Energy Gels.
Which have since proved a huge hit and became Winner of "Best In Test" and "Eco Champion" - in Women's Running Mag.

What have we done so far?

We introduced our GRN NRG Sustainable Promise in 2020, to Re-imagine, Reduce and Remove

  • September 2019 - Introduction of recycled cardboard shipping boxes.
  • October 2019 - New recyclable and biodegradable void-fill packaging materials used for all orders.
  • Jan 2020 - No more single use plastic mailing bags, now 100% biodegradable.
  • Feb 2020 - Our drinks bottles switched from plastic to 100% Biodegradable PE.
  • May 2020 - we phased out our single-use powder sachets and released our 100% recyclable pouches for both our Hydration & Recovery powders.
  • July 2020 - we introduced a new style of energy gel packaging which uses 30% less packaging and improved seals.
  • June 2021 - We launched the UK's first Refillable Energy Gels.
  • December 2021 - 100% Recycled and Sustainable clothing range.
  • June 2022 - We released Refillable energy gel formats for all current lines.
  • Jan 2023 - We started offering double Recharge Rewards for all Recyclable, Reusable and biodegradable products.
  • Jan 2024 - KMC Refillable Energy Gels now outsell single-use gels.

What are our plans for #EarthDay2024 ?

This year at KMC we're celebrating the big steps made towards our plastic-free dream with double Recharge Rewards on all "GRN NRG" certified sustainable products.

Plus an extra 15% off the sustainable products with code EARTHDAY2024 (expires midnight 28th Arpil 2024, terms and conditions apply, one time use only).

We challenge you!

Re-introducing the #KendalMintCleanUp campaign – grab some gloves and a bag before your next adventure and grab at least 3 pieces of litter along the way. Tag us @kendalmintco with #KendalMintCleanUp and help make a difference to your local area!

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Earth Day 2024