Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I eat post-match?

A: Post game, it's really important to focus on your recovery and Nutrition is arguably one of the most important parts of recovering after a hard effort.

Timing: The sooner you refuel the better. Take lean protein on within a 25 minute window for the most benefit and eat a good meal consisting of Carbs and Protein within 2 hours. You should be consuming between 1.5-2g of protei per Kg of body mass, per day, Read more about "Why Protein is key to Recovery" here.

Fuel: At least 20g of quality Protein and fast acting Carbohydrates. You'll need to replenish Carbohydrate (Glycogen) stores, rebuild and encourage the maintenance of lean muscle mass with Protein, and re-hydrate with Electrolytes. KMC PRO MIX Protein Powder Mix is a great option for a combination of 21g Whey Protein and Carbohydrate.