KMC biodegradable Sports Bottle 750ml

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Our 750ml Bio bottle brings the best in performance and sustainability. A favourite amongst racers and made from 100% biodegradable PE. With incremental measurements along the side and a soft rubber mouth piece.

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The Big Bio Bottle Returns!

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Refillable & Reusable Energy Gel Soft Flask 150ml for KMC NRG GEL

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The Soft Flask 150ml is an ultra-durable, pocket-sized compressible Bottle, which holds two KMC NRG GEL servings - That's up to 54g of Carbohydrate in your pocket!

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Suitable for hot and cold liquids, BPA free (does not retain odours of flavours), and comes with a 2-year warranty.

FAQ's: Sustainable Performance Nutrition

Our GRN NRG Sustainable promise...

At Kendal Mint Co. we are passionate about reducing waste, particularly in our beautiful home The Lake District.

We recognise the current plastic crisis and we are already in the process of transitioning to biodegradable & recyclable packaging where possible, in a bid to help try and reduce single use plastic waste.

Through our passion for a more sustainable future we have developed our 3-stage, 'GRN NRG' strategy:
Re-imagine, Reduce, Remove.

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