KMC Action Pack - Subscribe & Save up to 20%

KMC Action Pack - Subscribe & Save up to 20%

every Month for 3 Months

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You can now Subscribe & SAVE on our Brand New Action Pack. Whether you're crunching through the products too quickly or just want to make a saving, this is the solution for you- Never go without your #Recharge and save. Choose from Weekly (-30%), Biweekly (-18%), or Monthly (-10%). Box Includes: 2x Energy Bars, 5x Energy Gels, 1x Isotonic Drink Powder, 1x Protein Recovery Powder. >>> Get yours today with FREE Delivery - Save Now.

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Guarantee Your

Already our best value introductory product - You can now ensure you never go without your Energy, Hydration or Recovery whilst saving up to 30% with our NEW Subscription Pack. Choose from one of 3 options to get your saving today.

Choose Your Saving

Choose from one of our 3 Options to get your #Recharge for less:

Weekly (Save 30%)
    > £1.12/ Individual Product
Two Weeks (Save 18%)
    > £1.22/ Individual Product
Monthly (Save 10%)
    > £1.33/ Individual Product

Before, During & After

Whether you need a caffeine kickstart before activity, an energy boost along the way or targeted recovery when you’re done, we’ve got you covered. That's 2 Energy Bars, 2 Caffeine Energy Gels, 3 Energy Gels, 1 Isotonic Drink Powder, 1 Protein Recovery Powder - AND now includes the Brand New Natural Superfood Bar!

Guarantee Your Recharge

With FREE tracked delivery, every time. All of our subscription boxes are sent using fully tracked delivery, you'll be notified by text and/ or email with tracking details when the item is dispatched. 

If you're not sure whether you want to subscribe yet, you can try our Original Action pack for £14.99 on your first purchase here.

What is included in the pack?

The NEW Wholesome Superfood Bar 70g (x1)
Natural NRG: Wholesome Superfood Bar 70g

"Simply delicious..." It’s Tasty, It's Wholesome and it's Natural. Made from a combination of Oats. Honey, dried fruits and super-seeds. The Natural NRG: Wholesome Superfood Bar makes for a the perfect superfood adventure snack.


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FAQ's: KMC VIP/ Subscribe & Save

What is KMC VIP?
KMC VIP is our priority service for those who want to receive regular deliveries of their favourite products in return for much lower prices, extra reward points and much more.
Never miss a beat during busy training and work schedules and guarantee your #Recharge is there when you need it most.