KMC Cycling Bottle 500ml

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The NEW 500ml Bio bottle brings best in performance, sustainability, and design. A favourite amongst professional racers and made from 100% biodegradable PE. Easy squeeze, ergonomic grip and a soft rubber mouthpiece. Choose your colour below!

KMC Bio Bottle 500ml

If you've  ever watched professional cycling on television, then you've probably seen riders tossing empty water bottles to the roadside. While riders face up to 900 EUR in fines for the infraction, Our partners at Tacx® sought to create a bidon that was more palatable to the planet. The Tacx® Shiva™ 500ml Bio is the world’s #1 water bottle of professional cycling, in biodegradable form.

A Pros Favourite

A bottle design favoured among the professional bicycle racers.The Bio water bottle is a timeless classic that features easy to squeeze biodegradable plastic, an ergonomic, easy grip soft cap with lockable pull-out spout; and a beveled base for bike cages.

100% Biodegradable

Made using BPA and PET(E) Free biodegradable plastic Light, heat and moisture have no effect on the quality of the bottle. The decomposition process only starts once it is in a compost heap or landfill, and takes 1 to 5 years. 

KMC GRN NRG Promise Certified


100% biodegradable Polyethylene BPA


Soft, Pull-Out w/ Turn Lock






77 mm


196 mm


80 grams


Olive Green (Top & base)
Niagara Blue (Top & base)
Black (Top & Base)


Dishwasher safe up to 40°C


Taste (If applicable)
Texture (If applicable)

Users' reviews


looks great

I have always like Kendal Mint Cake, so this was an obvious choice for use on my new bike.
Looks great.


Excellent Quality

Perfect fit for my ebike.
Feels good quality materials.


Easy to clean

Good quality easy to clean bottle.


Lightweight, good feel, easy to use.

Love the fact that this bottle is biodegradable. Does what a bottle does. Would recommend


Does what it says

Good quality bottle, I love the design wrapped around the full width of the bottle. I found that the bottles shape made it easy to hold and the plastic material it is made from allows it to be squeezed.

The bottles top is a pull out style which was a bit stiff to begin with but eased off once it had been used a few times, no leaks as of yet from using the bottle. The one thing I had difficulty to begin with was getting the lid off, the lid design does not leave much space to grip and when new it can be a little tricky to twist it off, this did ease and become much easier to undo over time and I no longer have any problems with this.


Decent water bottle

Decent water bottle, no leaks, fits cycle holder perfectly - happy with purchase


Excellent quality and style

Cheap, cheerful but just as good if not better than any other plastic bidon :)


A good bottle.

No leaks. Easy to clean. Easy to use. Good capacity and, most important, ultimately biodegradable.


Great bottle and good for the environment

Fantastic bottle, perfect size for both the protein and ISO mix they make. Fits on a bike and the plastic doesn’t taste funny or make your drink strange like other bottles sometimes do. Don’t know why there are bad reviews it clearly says one bottle in the listing.


Perfect water bottle for bike rides

This water bottle was perfect for us as it fit on both our bikes easily even though they had slightly different bottle holders. It has a very premium feel to it and still has good rigidity even though it is fully biodegradable. Other biodegradable bottles I've seen don't seem to be as rigid as this. Another reason I chose this bottle was because of the sustainability of it. Really love the branding to as I can represent the Lakes on my bike rides. Delivery was really quick. This was a good purchase for the money and I would recommend. 5 stars.

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