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"A Great way to try the new products!" Fuel Your Body with Quality British Sports Nutrition. This little box is packed with ALL 10 of our products! That's 2 Energy Bars, 5 Energy Gels, 1 Isotonic Drink Powder, 1 Protein Powder AND the Brand New Natural Superfood Bar. PLUS, FREE DELIVERY.

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*Temporarily contains NO ISO MIX and 2x PRO MIX instead* RRP of individual products £25.08 inc. delivery. Choose from Standard, Gift or Vegan friendly packs.

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Everest Conquering

It Conquered Everest, Crossed the Antarctic and Even helped keep the Army on the move. Kendal Mint Cake - Long known for it's energy giving properties and often referred to as The Original Energy Bar. 

Through our passion we have breathed new life into this iconic British product - 100 years of heritage meets cutting-edge Sports Science.


Our diverse range of #RECHARGED products are designed to bring out the best in your body every step of the way - combining Great Taste, Texture and Performance.

Before, During & After

Whether you need a caffeine kickstart before activity, an energy boost along the way or targeted recovery when you’re done, we’ve got you covered. 

Start your Journey

With FREE DELIVERY. This little box is packed with one of every product in the entire range! That's 2 Energy Bars, 5 Energy Gels, 1 Isotonic Drink Powder, 1 Protein Recovery Powder AND now also includes the Brand New Natural Superfood Bar. You will also receive a one-time use voucher for 10% Off your next order.

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What is included in the pack?

The NEW Wholesome Superfood Bar 70g (x1)
Natural NRG: Wholesome Superfood Bar 70g

"Simply delicious..." It’s Tasty, It's Wholesome and it's Natural. Made from a combination of Oats. Honey, dried fruits and super-seeds. The Natural NRG: Wholesome Superfood Bar makes for a the perfect superfood adventure snack.


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Users' reviews


Great value for money.

First got this as an intro to KMC as I didn't know which products to try, it's a great way to sample the range and figure out which products you like the most. I'll definitely be buying a couple of these as presents for fellow runners/cyclists/hikers! Great value for money.


Well worth trying

Have recently received the trial pack for Kendal Mint Co. Overall, really impressed with the quality of the product. The bars are good and a good addition for those long treks. However, the gels are fantastic. I think this is because of their mint-flavour element which sets them apart from the other fruit gel products of other manufacturers. I'm buying more...


All-in-all, impressive and good value for money.

Since I ordered they have now added a check box so you can select 'vegan' without having to message them first. This is a great option! Anyway, on to the products. I really enjoyed the iso drink. It was really refreshing, not overly sweet like some drinks can be, and left a pleasant aftertaste. The gels, well, I can't make my mind up. I agree with some of the reviews that they do have a bit of a taste reminiscent of cough syrup but I quite like the taste of cough syrup so.. They are quite thin in consistency so if you use the flask, it can be quite easy to gulp down a bit more than you planned to. If you do use a flask, have a dedicated flask as no matter how thoroughly you wash it, the fragrance of mint remains. In terms of them actually doing what they're supposed to do, then yes, the caffeinated gels work a treat and I have had no GI issues with them so far. I love the mint cake bars! They seem smoother, meltier and less sticky in the mouth (clacky, if that's a word?), and what a stroke of genius to enrich an old favourite with electrolytes? All-in-all, impressive and good value for money.


A beginners opinion

I've exercised most of my life, but usually not for any longer than an hour (I lift weights.) As I approach 60 my outlook and goals have changed. Relatively recently I've taken up rucking (hiking with a weighted rucksack at a good pace to build up cardiovascular fitness.) It fits in with my early morning dog walks, and takes me 30-60 minutes. I can do it on an empty stomach, only fueled by the previous night's meal and what is left in my beard. Recently I completed a challenge which forced me passed my comfort zone. More than once I felt like I went from fresh legs to wading through mud against a stiff breeze. I hadn't brought any water or food with me. I vowed not to make the same mistake again. I have since signed up for a longer trek which will have me on my feet for 5 hours+. Definitely need to eat on that one! I started researching energy gels. The information on how much to take/how often was pretty clear across all the brands. I've tried a couple of well known gels that I could pick up off the supermarket shelf, but they were a bit too sweet for my taste and very viscous. I bought the trial box from KMC to give it a try. My first longish training session was a success as far as energy levels went. The gels were fresh and easy to swallow. I took 3 over the course of the walk and felt no digestive discomfort during or after the hike. I completed the route faster and fresher than I had done previously. My feet hurt, but I jogged home this time instead of looking like an extra from an old zombie movie. Definitely will be adding these to kit list!


A great way to try the range

A great way to sample the whole range. Gels were not for me, but now I know without having spent a lot - Natural NRG, Mint cake and Iso and Pro mix have all made it into my staples


Sporting Choice

Arranged in a well presented box is a great range of Kendal Mint Cake products. If you have never known that they produced more than the great mint Cake bar and you are looking for a new take on your sports refreshment this is the pack for you. A great opportunity to check out the range and find what are your favourite. Great value trial.


A flavour lucky dip

Used the gels in this pack to get me through the Great North Run recently. It was great having do many flavours as each one was a lucky dip. They all tasted good, went down really easily without leaving the mouth feeling clammy and really helped replace lost salts (electrolytes) The mint in them all made them so much more refreshing.


Excellent products and highly recommended.

Decided to try this sample pack after reading good reviews. Excellent products and highly recommended.


Great Bundle

If you are not sure hwich Gel will be your favourite then this is the pack to get. Lets you try all the flavours and products.....thought its still hard to pick a favourite!


Good way to try all products

Good way to try all products

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