KMC NRG GEL Refillable Sustainable energy Gel Raspberry & Mint

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The new refillable KMC NRG GEL removes the need for single-use plastic gel sachets, reduces packaging waste by over 60%. Combine your refill pouch with our ultra-durable, pocket-sized, refillable KMC X Hydrapak 150ml Gel Soft Flask.

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KMC NRG GEL+ Mint Caffeine Energy Gel


Introducing our Brand New 10-serving Bulk Energy Gel Refill Pouch. Removing single-use energy gel sachets and saving over 60% of packaging waste. 

We partnered with Hydrapak to produce a custom 150ml gel Soft Flask with a High-flow Twist Nozzle, specifically designed for KMC NRG GEL's and holds two 70g serves - Just twist to open, Squeeze and GO! 

Simpler, Faster, Cleaner for a Greener way to consume Energy Gels...
Say goodbye to single-use energy gel sachets and start refilling your KMC NRG GEL Soft Flask using our 10-serve bulk pouch. Reducing packaging waste by over 60%.

Simply unscrew the lid, pour your energy gel into the carefully designed, wide-neck, gel soft flask and srew the lid back on once done.

You can fill it all the way up for two gel serves, or up to the conveniently marked line for one 70g gel serve.

That's up to 54g of Carbohydrate in every pocket-sized Gel Flask!
KMC NRG GEL+ Mint Caffeine Energy Gel


Fast & Effective Energy Gels in a range of Powerful & Refreshing Flavours that are Kind on the stomach. Gluten Free & Vegan.

Dual Carbohydrate Formula

Our Dual Charge energy delivery system provides your body with an instant but long-lasting energy release. By combining Maltodextrin & Fructose in a ratio of 2:1 to maximise your Carbohydrate absorption. Go Faster for Longer... KMC IT.

Glucose, often called the building block of carbohydrate - a simple form of sugar and as such is absorbed straight into the bloodstream, raising your blood sugar level. This in-turn stimulates the release of certain hormones which increase the amount of glucose able to enter your body’s cells, providing a more instant release of energy.

Fructose is also absorbed more directly into the bloodstream mostly through the liver but raises blood sugar levels more slowly. This creates our dual fuel energy delivery system; instant but long-lasting.
Read more about how the Dual Charge system can help you maximise your potential here.

Easy on the stomach

Easy Digestion - KMC NRG GEL is a less viscous gel which uses natural Peppermint extract. A natural anti-inflammatory scientifically proven to help promote digestion by increasing bile flow to the lower intestine. Great for clearing your airways and even proven to increase pain threshold!

High water content
 Our Recharged gel formula has a higher water content , without compromising Carbohydrate content, making them less viscous and more easily swallowed and digested. Water is essential in helping digestion as it keeps the food you eat moving along through your intestines and it keeps your intestines smooth and flexible, too. We always recommend taking our gels with water - So why not use our KMC ISO MIX?

Benefits of Mint You will find at the core of all our energy gels the natural flavour of mint. Mint is amazing, it not only tastes great, but has other many other proven beneficial qualities as a soothing herb, an antispasmodic and even increases pain threshold!

Mint has been known for thousands of years as a natural calming and soothing herb. It is made up of 78% menthol which encourages bile to flow into the Duodenum, where it promotes and aids digestion. Mint is also a natural and potent ‘antispasmodic’ which relaxes the action of muscles making digestion and the subsequent release of energy quicker, and also kinder on your stomach.

Mint has even been proven to naturally increase the pain threshold of the human body! (Quite handy when you need that extra edge on your apponents).


+Electrolytes - KMC NRG GEL contains a blend of 4 Electrolytes designed to aid hydration by replacing salts lost through sweat and improve physical performance. Electrolytes also help avoid cramp and early onset fatigue.

They sound exciting but they are all about balance. Simply, electrolytes are electrically charged minerals which have a key role in many bodily functions, specifically fluid balance. Their charge helps pull water from your blood into your muscles. The important electrolytes for athletes are sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Electrolytes are necessary for a variety of things, like hydration, muscle contraction and blood pressure. Certain electrolytes, like sodium and potassium, are lost in sweat and need to be replaced to maintain the proper fluid balance in the body. 

Read more about the importance of Electrolytes, "Why do I need to replenish my Electrolytes?"  and "How do I know if I need to take on more Electrolytes?" here.


+B Vitamins - The KMC B Vitamin complex (3,5,6 and 12) is designed to breakdown carbohydrates more effectively into energy and maintain nerve and blood cell functionality. Creating a more effective energy delivery system with added benefits.

Quality you can trust

Our gels have been developed using a world-class approach to quality and banned substance testing, providing assurance for athletes. For more information visit
They are lightweight, compact and designed to fit in jersey pockets, cycle bags and waist packs. They are pressure tested, so don't worry about the packaging tearing or bursting during exercise.


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Users' reviews


Great concept & works well.

I have been using the gels for a while and this seemed a good solution to reduce some of the associated waste that can come along with the individual gels & wrappers - have used for long runs and works really well, allowing you to take the gel little and often.


Perfect Solution

Filled a 500ml bottle with this gel for use in my last ultra. Worked an absolute dream! Far easier than using individual gels, easy on the stomach and no flavour fatigue several hours in. My new go to gel.


Fantastic product. No more stomach issues

This and the gel pouch is a fantastic product fir a multitude of reasons

1). there's the green benefits by cutting down on packaging and also waste.
2). It tastes great, no more of the god awful synthetic tasting goo made by others.
3). The consistency, in that it's more liquid than others so easier to consume.
4). The pouch means you can take it little and often rather than one full traditional gell in one hit
5). The real winner for me is how kind it is on your stomach. As someone who used to cycle a lot in the past gels left my guts feeling awful. Trapped wind, stomach cramps etc. The product is the first I've ever had with no side affects and also tastes great


Go green

I used to use the individual gels but will never go back now I use the pouches. Gels are superb and never upset my stomach. Using a pouch makes it much easier to use the gel - no struggling to open a pouch on the go - and the mint is easy on the stomach


Refill Pouches

I’ve been using the single gels for a year or so as they agree well with my stomach, great flavours without an after taste and can take without water if running without a pack.
Recently switched to the refill pouches because it just makes sense to reduce packaging/no chances of losing the top tab - they taste exactly the same to me, took a couple of runs to get used to the opening/closing but no spillage. I keep in the fridge and have used up to about 6 weeks from opening and had no problems.
Flavours wise Raspberry and the lime/caffeine are favourites


Nice ✨

I don't normally like sweet things together with mint flavour but decided to try this since I was looking for a refillable gel flask. Luckily it tastes really nice. I prefer this to all of the fruit flavour gels I've tried from a few other brands. It seems to agree with my stomach more also, with the amounts I practiced with so far anyway. I still need to get used to opening and closing the flask while running at marathon pace, without accidentally squeezing some gel onto my hands, but I think I'll get there. It's certainly less trouble than opening gel wrappers with cold hands and more importantly is creating less garbage. The flask seems well made as well.


Just Perfect

The raspberry flavour is just perfect for summer, so refreshing. Not only this but it provides the perfect energy boost before, during or even after a run all in an incredibly convenient and easy to carry Refillable Soft Flask. I couldn't ask for more and will continue to use this product for a long time to come! Thank you Team KMC


Well done team KMC for this product

I love the Raspberry/Mint flavour, very refreshing, also being able to carry 75 or 150ml in the soft flask is a bonus. Cannot wait for other flavours to be available in the eco packaging. Will definitely purchase again. Well done team KMC for this product


Struggled with gels, not this one

I’ve really struggled to find a gel that I can enjoy, does the job and isn’t messy. However not only does this gel sit well, tastes great ( will there be other flavours?) especially if stored in the fridge, also does the job. The soft flask is truly inspirational ( no more sticky fingers & struggles to get the packs open) I’m not only using them on my training runs they will be accompanying me around London in October 🤞.

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