Strength Training For Athletes With Josh Dowson

 A lot of people think the key to improving your running time is by well, running. And Although it is very important, developing the strength of your muscles ultimately helps you not only run faster, but reduce your likely hood of injury. Allow me to explain. First of all, let me take you to the very source, your Muscles. Once you have a great...
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World Class Junior Cycle Team Zappi Fuelled by KMC - Update

At KMC we are strong believers in long-term athlete development. ​2020 will see the launch of our partnership with Team Zappi. A world class junior cycle team who have seen huge success and development into professional cycling. As part of our partnership we will be providing nutritional support to all of the riders. Including: Race-day n...
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Busting a few myths about protein

Last week we told you about protein, and how it's one of the most important tools in the arsenal of any athlete, regardless of pursuit. But the truth is that lots of people are still sceptical about protein, its uses and benefits, perceived dangers and downsides, sources of protein, and more. So this week, we're going to bust a few myths about prot...
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Winter training - Richard Anderson, Team KMC

The winter months can be a difficult time for endurance athletes. The days are short, the weather is rubbish and race season is months away. There are so many excuses not to train consistently… but if you want to nail a big season, excuses are not an option.   So what is the best way to attack winter when your big races are in the summer? It i...
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"How setting goals helps motivate me" - Michael Parkin, Team KMC

When thinking about setting yourself goals, it's important to ask yourself how and why? So we thought it would be interesting to get a little insight from Team KMC member Michael Parkin. Here's his advice. A little bit about Michael...   Hi, I'm Michael. I'm a fell runner conveniently located in Penrith, just outside of the Lake District....
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How protein can help you achieve your New Year's fitness goals

​So 2020 is upon us. We are now as close to the year 2050 as we are to 1990, McDonald's McChicken range is 40 years old, and kids going to university this year were born in 2002... Terrifying right?  But fear not, because with a new year comes new challenges, opportunities and adventures. More importantly, it also brings with it the age-o...
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30 Wainwrights at 30

How did you imagine spending your 30th birthday? Down the pub?  How about running 30 Wainwrights  in 17 hours...  Well, that's exactly what our incredible ambassador Richard Anderson did. Read his story of epic proportions below: At 5am on Saturday 14 December myself and a group of friends set out on a 47 mile fell run over 30 W...
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How to stay safe exercising outdoors this winter

Ice, snow, the cold, Yetis, the perils of winter outdoor exercise are many. Pigs in blankets are not the only reason so many of us fail to say in shape over the winter. Sometimes the prospect of an icy, cold workout in the winter is just too much for some. But whilst we can't always help you with the motivation to go outside, we can help you keep s...
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Team KMC - Ajay Sharda - Running

 I'm Ajay, husband and father from Oxford. Former unfit guy who now loves to run and lift for myself, my peace of mind and my family. I've to date ran many half marathons, several Tough Mudders and 3 Spartan races. I've not long completed my first marathon and am aiming for 100. It's also great to be asked by Kendal Mint Co to join the team as...
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My Journey - Richard Anderson, Team KMC

Hi All! My name is Richard Anderson. I am a 29 year old triathlete based in Carlisle, Cumbria. I have been using the Kendal Mint Co range for the past couple of months and will be using it to fuel my training and racing in 2020. I am going to be keeping a blog, mainly around my approach to nutrition in training and racing. Here is my first blog whi...
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Why do some energy gels hurt my stomach?

Energy gels are a popular, convenient way for endurance athletes at any level to take on a substantial amount of carbohydrates in a short space of time. Most aerobic exercise will see your body burning large amounts of carbohydrates as your body's primary fuel source. If you find yourself exercising for at least an hour, then there are definitely b...
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World Vegan Day!

November 1st is World Vegan Day! To celebrate this, we wanted to share with you our favourite articles and stories about Veganism alongside your training and lifestyle. It's not as difficult as it might sound! Would it surprise you to know that the man who:Was named as one of the 25 fittest men in the world by Men's Fitness​;An Ultraman World ...
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IT'S MINT! The Benefits of Mint in Sport.

Mint - a refreshing and pleasant smell or taste to most but also one of the oldest natural remedies for all sorts of things! All of our products contain Natural Peppermint Extract for good reason. So we made this to help you understand why. Why do most Energy Gels give you a bad stomach?  Products such as Energy Gels or Glucose Polym...
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One Epic Ride for SRACC

​On Wednesday 18th September, our friends at the Staffordshire Regimental Association Cycling Club took on their 400 mile challenge fuelled by KMC. It meant much more to SRACC than just a physical challenge as you'll find out. Lee Davies tells their story...  So many people to thank and as the dust settles I will over ...
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KMC Great Cumbrian Run 2019 Roundup

Sunday 6th October marked the 37th Great Cumbrian Run, a proud moment for KMC as the headline sponsor for such an iconic Cumbrian event. The event was a huge success with over 1,300 runners signed up for the Half Marathon and the brand new event village based on the start and finish line at the Sheepmount Athletics Stadium Carlilse.  Team...
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Kendal Mint Cake- How is it made?

Everyone knows Kendal Mint Cake as the original 'energy bar', it has climbed Mount Everest, crossed the Antarctic and even helped keep the army on the move.  With such a rich history, its hard to believe so few actually know how it's made! So we thought we'd shed a bit of light... Firstly, Kendal Mint Cake has been manufactured for 100's ...
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Great Cumbrian Run - Operation Mint Cake

To celebrate our Great Cumbrian Partnership and our amazing Half Marathon route, we are giving away a different product/prize each day of the week leading up to the Great Cumbrian Run 2019! Starts Monday 30th September! To take part, make sure you're following us on all of the relevant social media channels by clicking on the links b...
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400 Mile Epic Ride to Commemorate the Battle of Arnhem

​Our friends at the Staffordshire Regimental Association Cycling Club take on their challenge this Wednesday. Fueled by KMC! A 400 mile ride to commemorate the Major Second World War Battle to secure key bridges over the Rhine. The attempt failed and meant 1,984 allied forces were killed and 6,854 were Captured or Missing. The team will cycle the f...
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KMC Listed as “Best Running Gels” AND “Best Energy Bars” 2019 by Coachmag

When we launched our Recharged range back in May, we knew we had done everything we could to create a nutritionally sound and great tasting range of products, but what we could not predict is the incredible reaction it would get. "THE BEST RUNNING GELS AND HOW TO USE THEM IN YOUR TRAINING" – COACHMAG 2019 What better way to put your products to the...
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Neil’s KMC Rat Race Ultra

​The 70-mile Ultra Marathon, Rat Race the Wall is a real test for any runner and a fantastic test for our KMC energy products. The race took place over the weekend of the 15 -16th June, and follows the route of Hadrian's Wall from Carlisle to Newcastle upon Tyne. Taking KMC energy gels for a run-out was ex-army man Neil Glencross. 'I'm a keen runne...
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