The Fred Whitton Challenge & How to Fuel it

The Fred Whitton Challenge and How to fuel it with Kendal Mint Co KMC

Kendal Mint Co are proud to be supporting the prestigious Fred Whitton Challenge - The UK's toughest sportive. Taking place in the heart of the Lake District, our home turf, and challenging riders to what is most often referred to as the toughest day they've ever had in the saddle.

"We always try and support local businesses so working with Kendal Mint Co is a no-brainer, they are carrying on the legacy of the legendary Kendal Mint cake and bringing us the much loved treat in the form of sports nutrition. We're looking forward to working with Kendal Mint Co for many event to come"

Josh - Events Manager

 How are Kendal Mint Co "KMC" supporting the Fred?

From pre-race support, to hydration and fuel pit-stops - we've got you covered. You can find out more below.

What is The Fred Whitton Challenge? 

The 113 mile Lake District challenge is held in the name of Fred Whitton, the former racing secretary of the Lakes Road Club who died of cancer in 1998, the challenge began the following year.

The challenge has since raised millions for charity and includes some of the toughest climbs in the UK. Not only is it the UK's toughest but It's arguably the most popular too with it's massively over-subscribed ballot.

Top-tip: Register to help the organisers with the event to reserve a spot in the following year.

How hard is The Fred Whitton Challenge? 

The Fred Whitton Challenge is the toughest sportive in Britain. Riders rank it alongside European events such as the Marmotte in terms of difficulty. It consists of a 113 miles and 3,000m of relentless climbing. 

A giant loop around the Lake District, now a World Heritage Site. Starting at Grasmere and taking in some phenomenal climbs such as Kirkstone, Honister, Newlands, Whinlatter, Hardknott, Wrynose and Blea Tarn passes. 

At 94 miles, you're hitting a 30% gradient up Hardknott pass...

The Fred Whitton Challenge Route 

Checkout the full route map and GPX file below. 

The Route Map...

You can also download the full GPX file below.

*Please download it either on desktop or on your phone and then upload it to the platform of your choice.

Full Route, Time and Elevation 

How to fuel the Fred Whitton Challenge? 

Your about to hit 113 miles of the most grueling hills in the UK. Fuelling right during the race is all about balance and thinking ahead.

It's important to ask yourself:  How am I going to feel in 20 mins time? Big hill coming up in 10 mins? Take onboard some Caffeine Gels! 

Look at your route, the climbs, the descents, think about how your body will react and build a fuel plan around it. Be pro-active not reactive and remember, Little & Often! 

You can checkout our free fuel guide below, for nutrition strategies, pre, during and post-race. Download your own copy.

Plus if you've entered the challenge you should have received your exclusive training discount code for use on our website.

A Summary of our recommended Nutrition: 

Fuelling British Duathlon Success - with Ben Goodf...
We made an Ice Cream...

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