One Whole Year with KMC PT.1 - What lies ahead...


One whole year! We can hardly believe it! But before we give you a brief recap of our first year, here’s where we are now and what lies ahead for Kendal Mint Company.

But first of all... 


You may have already seen this but yes, that's right, times are tough for all but we have some very exciting news for you. Next month KMC will be launching THREE NEW PRODUCTS!

1. 100% Recyclable Bulk MIX Pouches

Yep, that's right... 100% Recyclable and 75% less packaging than previous! 

KMC ISO MIX - the same super refreshing hydration & electrolyte drink mix but BIGGER and better.

KMC PRO MIX - Our Seriously tasty, easy to mix, Chocolate Mint Protein Recovery Mix. A huge hit already, also BIGGER, also better.

Not only are they 100% recyclable but that also brings you much better value. Our new pouches bring your price per serve down by half! 

2. A brand NEW gel flavour and format (stay tuned to find out more)

We've listened to you, this next gel is a game changer! Seriously tasty, slightly less mint and most importantly 30% less plastic AND improved robust seals!

(there may even be a cycling jersey on the way...) 

"I only joined Kendal Mint Co in March and it's so refreshing to be able to work on these brand new products with the team. Despite the global crisis, we've been working hard (and safely) on the marketing and I can't wait to start sharing these amazing products with you all!"

Toby Gibson, Digital & Creative Marketing at Kendal Mint Co.

The affects of Covid-19...

​Like everyone, it's been tough. The welfare of our team and all of our customers is number one priority. with orders dwindling early in lockdown and events being postponed or cancelled, things were looking pretty grim!

We pushed on, with safe working practices, social distancing and at one point we even had to furlough some of the team. However, we aren't going to let this stop us releasing our Fresh new products. 

This has meant one thing though... EXCESS STOCK :( 
Bad news for us but great news for you... HUGE DEALS! Most are dated BBE 31.05.2020 but our products are inherently safe by design. Several factors ensure our products remain safe & of the highest quality to and beyond the assigned shelf life. If you want to make the most of this opportunity, click below...

Coming soon...

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Guest - Lee Davies on Wednesday, 06 May 2020 17:42

What a great year and thank you for all your support. Great Products, Great ethos, Great People.........Just Great

What a great year and thank you for all your support. Great Products, Great ethos, Great People.........Just Great
Wednesday, 20 October 2021

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