What's Your Everest?

Over the last century, the human race has conquered a plethora of challenges, from 29,000 ft of Mount Everest to 2,500 nautical miles of Trans-Antarctic expedition.

Today, the world’s challenges are somewhat different. From Climate Change to 24 hour shifts in a hospital tackling global pandemics; Couch-to-5km to ultramarathons; a local Open-water swim to rowing the Great British Isles.

Everyone's Everest is Different...What's Yours?#MyEverest

Our Everest conquering stories
Arthurs's Everest
Arthurs's EverestRowing to Victory for the Covid-19 Response
I'm Arthur Chatto, an athlete for Team KMC. My Everest was rowing around Great Britain, we were the youngest team ever to do it and only a handful of people have completed it. What's Your Everest?
Ella's Everest
Ella's EverestRunning to Change Perceptions
I'm Ella, an athlete for Team KMC. My Everest is running my first marathon whilst also raising awareness for people like myself who live with a visible difference, through the Charity Changing Faces. What's Your Everest?
Richard Anderson
Richard AndersonUltra-Triathlete and Thrill Seeker
I'm Richard an Athlete for Team KMC. My Everest is seeking out new challenges, from Iron Man distance Triathlons, to 30 Wainwrights in a day and chasing down records for the Frog Graham Round. What's Your Everest?

Share your own Everest &Inspire others#MyEverest

Do you have your own internal Everest to Conquer? Your story could inspire others. Share it with us and feature on our socials using #MyEverest and @Kendalmintco

Let's conquer our Everest, together.

The #MyEverest Fund

Over the last few months you've helped to make make your Victory a Win for those who need it most by supporting our our chosen charities.

Since then, we've taken a new approach for a cause close to our heart... Our "GRN NRG" Sustainable Promise. From 19/04/2021 every penny raised through the #MyEverest campaign will go into developing and delivering, new and more sustainable products to acheive our plastic free dream!

More details about our GRN NRG Sustainable Promise can be found here.

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